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Astronomers assumed the existence of life on planets-dwarf

Астрономы предположили существование жизни на планетах-карликахIn an atmosphere of “failed stars” can exist organisms-the”sails” or organisms-“flying bags”.

Scientists from the UK said that in the atmosphere of brown dwarfs, also known as “failed stars” life could exist in the form of organisms-the”sail” or organisms-“flying bags”.

The findings of scientists were published on the website In 1976, an astronomer from the United States Carl Sagan expressed the idea that in the upper layers of the atmospheres of the gas giants can live organisms-the”sails” or organisms-“flying bags”. Now, however, astronomers decided to test this hypothesis for brown dwarfs using the equation proposed by Sagan.

The calculations showed that on the cold brown dwarf can really be a life. Scientists have discovered what should be the organisms to not “fall down” in the lower atmosphere or not be carried out in space.

Provided that subsistem the object will not be air currents that rise from the deep layers in the atmosphere can live microorganisms whose size is about 10 times smaller than that of normal earth bacteria. If we assume the presence of a powerful ascending flows, according to the findings of scientists, the possible existence of larger beings.

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It is worth noting that in the milky Way is calculated at about one billion brown dwarfs, which is much more than the number of planets similar to our Earth. The findings of scientists show that the search for life on these exoplanets makes sense.

Brown dwarfs are considered to be something of a cross between stars and planets. The mass of such objects is from 12 to 80 Jupiter masses. In the depths of brown dwarfs are derived, the processes of thermonuclear synthesis, which leads to the release of vast amounts of energy.

Meanwhile, the temperature in the depths of such objects can not reach the values which are necessary for the occurrence of the most important thermonuclear reactions convert hydrogen into helium. It provides long glow normal stars. So brown dwarfs cool down quickly.

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Earlier it was reported that scientists noticed the presence of the weather on the planet PSO J318.5-22, which has lost its parent star. According to scientists, the planet has clouds of molten silicates and metal. The object PSO J318.5-22 was discovered in 2013.

Then, after a short debate, scientists have attributed it to the category of giant planets and not brown dwarfs that are half-star, half-planet. It was decided that PSO J318.5-22 is a planet, a gas giant like Jupiter, born near the star, but subsequently discarded from the maternal system by the gravitational influence of the neighboring planets.

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