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Associated with “Putin’s cook” company without competition became the supplier of food for patients

Связанная с "поваром Путина" компания без конкурса стала поставщиком питания для больных

Kompaniya AVK, which is associated with Yevgeny Prigozhin, supplies power to the city hospital N 40 in Kommunarka. The contract “the Open media” found on the official procurement website. The contract for “provision of services for organization prepared food in individual packaging” was signed on 2 March.

To cater AVK will be from March 5 to June 5, 2020. The total contract amount of 15 million rubles. The contract specified delivery address ready meal – Moscow, sosenskiy street mill, d. 8. Exactly, this is the address of the hospital corps, where they put patients with suspected coronavirus. The procurement was carried out without competition from a single supplier. This method is chosen because of the “accident, other emergency situations of natural or technogenic character”, when the use of “other methods to determine the vendor, time-consuming, impractical”, stated in the tender documentation. One of the patients of the hospital, which is now there with suspected coronavirus, confirmed the “Open media” that gets power from AVK.

“AVK” repeatedly participated in the same tenders for the supply of food and other companies Prigogine. For example, according to the database “Loop.Focus” in 2019 “AVK” was a competitor associated with Yevgeny Prigozhin “primary Plant food” (KDP) in tenders for supply of nutrition in children’s camp “Artek” and the Moscow school. She also received 23 contracts for a total amount of 3.8 billion rubles for the supply of products for orphans, veterans, disabled and patients of the mental hospital.

The customer contract with firms Prigogine then became the “Directorate for supporting activities of the organizations of labour and social protection of population of Moscow” (Directorate DODSN), which is engaged in repair of buildings and the supply of food in the structure of the Department of labour and social protection of the population. Contract AVK shall provide all the facilities with food, and in the tender documents in detail, for whom what products to buy, how much and at what price.

Despite this, the Directors of social agencies regularly complain to the Management on the “smelly beef green pork with traces of injections, potatoes, in a completely black, rotten to the core beets and vegetables, nibbled by rats.” Head of the Center for promotion of family education “Petrovsky Park” where there live children-orphans, in his complaint stated that “AVK” put vegetables “with signs of damage by rodents” and “corrupt rot”. And in the Center for the promotion of family education “South Butovo”, where they live more than two hundred children with disabilities from 1.5 to 18 years, complain of beef with a thick layer of fat and a large number of tendons that do not meet the requirements of GOST

The “AVK” selling products at prices several times higher than the market: Directorate of purchases from AVK bow at a price of 37 rubles per 1 kg, while its real value is 9-10 rubles, potatoes – 36 rubles, with the maximum of 13-20 rubles rice – 83 rubles at face value in 48-54 of the ruble. An overcharge in the amount of from 28 to 167% can be seen in other products.

It is noted that in each of the 23 tenders Directorate, where the winner is “AVC”, she was the only competitor – the company “Verona”, which the media was also called by the company related to Prigogine. Moreover, the “AVK” and “Verona” at the same time was applied to all 23 of the tender, evidence of explicit collusion. However, “nailing” the businessman fails: leading from the market of some companies, it creates others.

In February last year, the CPS wrote to the company “Shkolnik-Yuz” a penalty under part 1 of article 14.43 of the administrative code (Violation of requirements of technical regulations), but recently the Moscow arbitration court canceled the decision on bringing the company to administrative responsibility. The reasons why the court decided to cancel the decision of the CPS not specified.

In Rospotrebnadzor said that the Agency conducted inspections of three companies: “Concord”, “schoolboy” and “Shkolnik-Yuz” and found violations of sanitary legislation on the enterprises and in educational institutions. On 25 April, the head of Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow Elena Andreeva reported that after a mass poisoning of pupils of the Moscow kindergartens “Concord” has paid more than two million rubles of fines. Subsequently, however, the city Prosecutor’s office denied approval of a new inspection.

Over the past 8 years to the structures of Eugene Prigogine was 711 filed claims in the amount of 899 million rubles from the use of poor quality of food suffered by the kindergarten students, patients of hospitals and health centers, rescuers and military.

The plaintiffs complained to the detection of non-edible ingredients, including worms, cockroaches, human hair and plastic bags. Food was sometimes prepared from rotten food or infected, or the military personnel and school children received their meals late and in smaller quantities, and the contractor has violated the technology of preparation and storage conditions of food.

In some cases, companies Prigogine managed to shift responsibility for violations onto others. In February 2018, the outbreak of dysentery was recorded in a Moscow kindergarten “Dolphin”. The inspection body has established that the company responsible for the power, were “violations of the conditions of storage of food products, technology of cooking, the intersection of flows of finished products and raw materials in the catering Department, violations of the disinfection mode, failure to comply with personnel rules of personal hygiene”. Then fired the headmaster, the Bursar and the senior tutor, and the supplier has resumed.

The structure of “Putin’s cook” in response, are actively suing those who put forward claims to the quality of the food. In eight years was 533 filed counter claim for 2.9 billion rubles. Company Prigogine won every fourth trial in which the defendants acted, and continue to be suppliers of food to the Moscow school.


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