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Assad army attacks Erdogan, stirring up a harsh response

The units of the Syrian Arab army attacked the positions of the Turkish military. There was an attack on the Turkish checkpoint in the Syrian province of Idlib, which Damascus has long does not control. In the governorate authorities has long been seized of the various anti-government groups, many of whom are openly terrorist.

The Turkish Ministry of defense reported that from the region of tall-Bazan was a mortar shell fired observation post. The dead, it seems not, however, caused serious material damage. In the same statement, the Ministry of defense said about certain actions carried out “together with Russia”.

It is noteworthy that this is the second attack on the position of the Turks in the last few days. Two days before this incident, bombardment observation post No. 10, located near shelled yesterday. In the first case there was even the victims — three Turkish soldiers were injured, also suffered serious material damage.

Of course, all this has caused serious discontent of the Turkish side. One of the first on this issue supported President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. First, he warned that Ankara will not silently watch as attacking the military, and if something like that happens, measures will be taken. Then he switched to the peacekeeping objectives of the Turkish contingent, which seeks to ensure that in Syria stopped the deaths.

However, the case was repeated, and now not clear what will happen with Erdogan, that his words are not considered unfounded. But while it is answerable to the Minister of foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu. He, echoing the President, said about the inadmissibility of provocations and vowed to respond. However, he made accusations against Russia and Iran. According to him, Moscow and Tehran will “deter” the Syrian forces, but that never happens. Previously, he was not so harsh — a couple of days ago, discussing the first attack, Cavusoglu said that in Idlib have not yet succeeded to achieve full truce, but Turkey and Russia have been successfully working in this direction. As can be seen, the parties are working, however much they fail, and it seems that the situation every day gets worse.

Russian political scientist and orientalist Oleg Gushchin believes that the whole story with the big share of probability it is a provocation.

— You know, the people living in the Gaza strip, there is a joke. When they fight, one of them threatens another that launch from his garden, homemade rocket into Israel. This will cause return fire and the consequences for the offender are quite clear. Think here about as well. The terrorists, being near the Turkish observation post, fired in the direction of Syrian positions one or two missiles, and then quickly disappeared. Asadovtsy, of course, accepted the challenge and responded with mortar fire. May show the strange that attacked not the area where the attack occurred, but one who knows the Arabs can understand. Often for them, fifty meters right, fifty meters left nothing. However, some the fault of the Turks are here too — why do they allow the militias to come so close to their protected military targets? It is dangerous times such as these incidents.

“SP”: — You do not admit that the Syrian army were attacking the Turkish military?

— I don’t think they reached this point. They, of course, desperate guys, but that directly conflict with the Turks is unlikely. Moreover, they are at least a little, but still need to understand what a mess can begin in the case of aggravation. Let me remind you that world war II began because of the provocation in Gliwice. A cheap production, but it gave rise to large-scale bloodshed in history. Of course, the situation now is different and the parties have different ambitions.

“SP”: — does this Eliska provocation some aggravation?

— No. Not for this triple Alliance of Russia, Turkey and Iran were built so long and so hard to because some thugs to destroy everything. I think that the parties can negotiate. Of course everyone has their own goals and interests, but together they can achieve more.

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