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Ask for a book from us and get it as a gift for Halloween!

Zone Horror opens the season of the glorious holiday Halloween attraction of unprecedented generosity.

Last year, by the way, we already had one, when I was given three books to three randomly selected winners. At this time, and we have prizes in the lottery is bigger, and winners.

All you have to do to participate in the draw is leave a comment on this page. In the comments you can (and should!) specify up TO THREE books that we are now ready to give the lucky ones, to participate in the lottery. To accept applications we will be until October 31, and on the night of November 1, the good old “random bet” will determine what the owner will get.

Our holiday gifts for this year’s Halloween:

The smell

About the book:

Publishing house “AST” and the series “The scariest book” is happy and proud to present to the discerning audience of the author’s first book in the series. The book of the author, who left us too soon, forever to remain immortal in his works, beside such masters as William Blake, Edgar Allan PoE, Howard Phillips Lovecraft and Leonid Andreev.
“SMELL” Vladislav Geneva (1984 – 2015) is impeccable style, absorbed the whole of the vast experience of macabre literature of the past centuries.
It’s a great erudition of the author, a major expert on this kind of art, not only writer but also a translator, critic, bibliographer.
This is a lovely, rich literary language, which is described at times very creepy, causing a sweet shiver the images and phenomena.
“SMELL” Vladislav Geneva is a modern classic of weird and horror, which will be useful and nice to read not only to fans of horror and mystery, but all lovers of good Literature.

Hunting for good luck

About the book:

It happens — just yesterday you were doing repairs in the kitchen. Toiled without seeing the future and prospects. And then I found a lucky coin and… the Usual reality suddenly flips upside the head, revealing the ugly underside of the world Collectors, those who deflate the charge of the happiness of coins, lucky tickets, and other lucky charms. Now you have only one concern — to survive until the evening. The familiar city becomes unsafe, each counter may be a monster, and friends no longer remember that you exist. Between you and the Collectors only lucky coin, only windy Luck. And Lily — crazy pankoski with colored hair. Run, Hera Vorontsov! Save yourself!

Mercury and salt

About the book:

Welcome to Olden, a dark reflection of Georgian London. This dark place, the human anthill, where progress goes hand in hand with medieval obscurantism, a place full of strange creatures and a variety of human vices. In search of the missing wife of Edward Saul is forced to look into the darkest corners of this city — and his own mind.
Along the way, Saul manages to be a member of a street gang, which he carved bullets and bombs, an industrialist-chemist, sailor, sold on the warship, a veteran of the sea war, almost becomes a victim of the Inquisition, faced with scary monsters — all in order to find the runaway wife and understand what are the real causes of their overall macabre dream.

The worst book 2016

About the book:

SSK. Create Your Nightmare.
The main horror anthology Russia. A unique project where the breathtaking history selected not “omniscient experts” and ordinary readers of different genders, ages, with different tastes and preferences in the genre.
SSK. The fear in Everyone’s Heart.
A bold literary experiment who applauded by prominent foreign authors, where dream to get hundreds of writers, and lovers of mysticism and horror are pushing these books on all sorts of genre award (“the horror film of the year” by the magazine “World of Fiction”, “best anthology” by the portal Fanclub, “readers ‘ choice” version of the portal Liblib).
SSK. A Series Of Terrible Books.
“The scariest book 2016” opens a new season: bigger, better, even worse!

The worst book 2017

About the book:

Here are scary.
From year to year a series of “the worst book” gathers in its pages the best horror in Russian. Fears of different eras and peoples. Painfully familiar nightmares and creatures from the Unknown, causing violent fantasies already well-known authors (Mike Halprin, Daria Bobyleva, Oleg Kozhin…) and talented newcomers (Eugene Creech, Olga Reyn, Anatoly Umansky…).
Afraid, so that will not find it, for every taste creeps up on the skin; to hair stirring on the nape of the neck; trembling in his fingers. Horror. In the pages of “the scariest books 2017” everyone will find your fear, because it created the same readers as you.
And even more. Now in the main horror anthology countries represented and the best stories of the genre’s biggest competition, “Baker’s dozen”.
Here are scary. And only one can not be afraid: that is terrible — will not.


About the book:

Welcome to the Kingdom of darkness.
In these parts the masks of heroes hiding ugly faces treacherous villains, it is home to black magicians, and bloodthirsty demons, and even a very careful step fraught with grave danger.
Welcome to the Kingdom of darkness. The anthology “Dark” is a collection of dark and spooky stories in the genres of dark fantasy, urban fantasy, marialisa and horror that will make your heart flutter.
Welcome to the Kingdom of darkness. The anthology “Dark” features works from authors who rose to fame thanks to the project “the worst book”, and the compiler Parfenova, M. S., Creator of the bestselling “13 killers” and “Halloween”.
Welcome to the Kingdom of darkness. Here you will encounter as their…


About the book:

My time – night. My holiday is Halloween. The name I am Legion.
Witches, demons, werewolves, vampires, zombies, trolls, ghosts, goblins and other creatures – all here! Army of Darkness was going to celebrate Halloween as it should… on the pages of the book, which is called “Halloween”.
It will be fun and sad and exciting and dark. It will be terrible.
This is the best gift for all lovers of mystery and horror!
This collection of exciting stories about the supernatural, collected Parfenov M. S., the Creator of the anthologies of the bestselling “The worst book 2015”, “13 killers” and others.
It’s not just a book. This is a celebration!
The scariest holiday of the year

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