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Asians were deprived cavemen European fuck

Азиаты лишили пещерных людей европейских чертScientists have reconstructed the face of a woman who lived about 13 600 years ago.

The skeleton was found in a cave in There a Lot in 2002. He belonged to the woman, whose age was estimated to be ranged from 25 to 35 years. According to scientists, it was the direct descendants of people who first arrived in Southeast Asia.

Trying to recover the woman’s face, researchers are faced with the fact that the application of the popular method of reconstruction appearance is too European. To solve this problem, paleoanthropologists have studied as a soft tissue “sit” on the bones of the skull in humans worldwide.

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Using new data, researchers found that the woman looked about as well as the indigenous people of South-East Asia. While she was especially characteristic of the people of the Pleistocene epoch, large jaw and big teeth. However, the researchers emphasize that more extensive data may lead to a different result.

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