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Asia Ahat has changed beyond recognition

Ассия Ахат изменилась до неузнаваемости New image by Asiya Ahat created for the new video of the singer

Famous Ukrainian violinist and singer Assia Akhat is always distinguished by the bright and extravagant images. But I think this time it even exceeded expectations the scale of his imagination.

Having returned recently from America, where the singer celebrated his birthday and finished the album with producer Madonna, Humberto Saticoy, Assia shocked everyone with his transformation. When the new Mata Hari Ukrainian scene entered the pavilion, where the shooting took place, the whole team literally lost the gift of speech.

We realized that before us, Assia, only when it was stated by the Director, admitted the members of the crew.

Even the people closest to the singer when she showed them photos from the shoot were in disarray and immediately recognized her.

In this experiment Assia Akhat went for a new video for the song “Twist”. Inspired the artist to change the image of one of the most stylish beauties in the fashion industry, the British model and actress Cara Delevingne, which is the Luc Besson was invited for the lead role in his film “Valerian and the city of a thousand planets” and the American singer of Albanian origin Rita Ora. By the way, the producer of Ora is the rapper and husband of singer Beyonce Jay-Z.

The clip plot is still kept secret, but the video Director, known for star photographer Sonya Placidus for which this will be her debut as a music video Director, lifted the veil of secrecy:

This is the most spectacular image ever had by Asiya Ahat. Before shooting began, I mentally tried on her, so faint, when I saw it, which is not true of our team – many have really had a shock.

For a new image I wanted to trim the long hair of the singer, but the stylists found an unusual way out. According to the Director, if the goal was to shave a star unsheathed, for the sake of art would be solved and this bold step.

“But we did not aim to shock, we did it for aesthetic reasons, wanted to show the depth of this work. Assia has a very interesting appearance, it is much of what is now true. These hairstyles are the current global trend. Many Western celebrities choose these images because they highlight the avant-garde. Assia has always been an avant-garde artist, was attracted to the unusual brands and stylistic decisions, so I thought who better than Assia, will be able to evaluate such a metamorphosis. Especially among the Ukrainian artists no one’s ever done,” said Sonya Placidus.

Video for the song “Twist” will become a new stage in creativity of the artist. In it, the singer will show the audience the new you, will be so candid as ever. Video premiere is scheduled for the middle of the summer.

Ассия Ахат изменилась до неузнаваемости
Ассия Ахат изменилась до неузнаваемости
Ассия Ахат изменилась до неузнаваемости

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