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Ashley Olsen broke up with 58-year-old financier Richard Sachs

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For anybody not a secret that the 30-year-old fashion designer Ashley Olsen (Ashley Olsen) prefers older men. More recently, she appeared in a society with a 58-year-old financier Richard Sachs (Richard Sachs), but today, after 5 months of relationship, talking about their breakup. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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Insiders report that the rupture initiated Olsen: “Ashley decided to focus on her clothing line, but they managed to maintain friendly and warm relations”.

Legion Media

For the first time about the affair Ashley and Richard started talking in October of last year. The paparazzi photographed the pair at a basketball game, and later on sports training. “They sat on a nearby bicycles and embraced immediately after a workout,” commented a witness.


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To Richard Ashley also had relationships with men much older than themselves. Among them, 49-year-old Director Bennett Miller, 59-year-old artist George condo, and 47-year-old businessman David Schulte.

Recall Sister Mary-Kate Olsen likes older men. About two years ago she was married to 48-year-old banker Olivier Sarkozy (Olivier Sarkozy), brother of the former President of France. A closed ceremony was held in the couple’s home in new York.


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