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As we were looking for Russian horror at Comic Con Russia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

On Sunday in Moscow, ended Comic Con Russia. This year it showed the horror art house “Mandy” and cyber anime “Cyberlaw”, among the honored guests noted by M. night Shyamalan, Michael rooker and Danny Trejo. And you wonder why the Moscow correspondents of the Zone Horror is not looked at as steep and massive event?..

And we say that just in the last day of Comic con, we did-went there! However, to get there was not easy and eventually the memory had to sneak into Comic Con almost in a roundabout way…

Difficulties arose when we, as honest people, representing the most popular horror website of Russia and a network (Web of Horror) tried to get accreditation. As it turned out, the media organizers consider only those sites, the attendance of which exceeds 10 thousand unique visitors a day. We have Horror Web happened different days – for example, on 23 September we visited 10 538 people, that is the designated bar we take. But yet, alas, not every day – so we gave the “heave-Ho”.

“Well, to hell with you, do without Comic Konov bourgeois” thought we had. However, just in on Sunday night revealed that there will be also a presentation of the new Russian horror film “Dawn”, the founders of which we know personally, and indeed imposed on this movie some hope. And thanks to these wonderful people to us at the last moment still managed to look in the hall 1 of the exhibition center “Crocus-Expo”, where, in fact, everything passed.

Outset that neither Trejo nor Shyamalan we’re caught. Wandered the halls, looked at the people hanging around there, porazglyadyvat stands. Well, to friends from the “Dawn” looked for the next exclusives.

People on Horseback was not overcrowded.

Individual stands advertised “Glass”…

…and “Halloween”

Was spotted is “Mandy”.

Killers from horror movies could take a picture.

As you can see the horror on a Horse was no place. Although, frankly, not very much – much more space was taken up by Marvel, spider-Man and ensemble, touting a biopic about Freddie mercury “Bohemian Rhapsody”, I send a curse over your headache for several hours they sang into microphones hits of Queen, well, to put it mildly, to the late Freddie them away.

We are, however, interested in Russian horror because it’s still Comic Con Russia, not San Diego, right? Alas, with domestic manufacturers has been very NOT. They hadn’t been on a Horse.

A stretch can be attributed to the horror is here.

Stand TV-3 PR more Comedy than anything else – and it is clear all of the “Gogol” is already out and not need advertising. On the other hand, managed to notice on one of the screens “Mermaid” Svyatoslav Podvoiskogo.

Well, on the main stage were supported by a crowd of fans, the creators of video games. In search of the guys from “Dawn” managed to find out that those will talk about his film and answer questions in the conference room, where I am at some point and left them waiting. And then – suddenly – the “group of friends” appeared on the same stage where, ten minutes before bryakal something from England the game developers.

“Dawn” on the main stage Comic con.

Actress Anna Saliva.

What is there to say, if the Russian horror literature has already achieved some recognition, in the movie, the audience still relate to the genre with suspicion and, by default, do not expect anything good from the new Russian horror films. In this respect, the producers Severtseva Vladislav and Dmitry Litvinov managed to do more than others: the film “the Queen of spades: Black rite” (2015) is considered the first really successful (at least commercially) horror made in Russia, and “Bride” (2017) became the second and currently the MOST successful Russian horror film. It’s interesting to see what Severtseva and Litvinov will succeed to achieve with “Dawn”.

Now they are experimenting with forms and types of promotion. So, visitors to Comic con showed on the big screen a two-dimensional version of the mysterious “promo in 360 degrees”, which was talked about for a long time. On a flat screen, it looked like this (thumbnails are clickable):

But what is most interesting – anyone could see this promo and in the format for which it was originally created: walking in the hall a girl and a guy in his doctoral robes, which could take a special virtual reality glasses. The event was a success to “good doctors” lined up. And that’s not a sin to recall that October 31 in St. Petersburg, at the worst festival guests will be able to try these VR glasses yet and in a special chair. In General, if Comic Con has passed by you, then at the worst the festival is worth a look if only for the sake of this entertaining attraction.

Further action has moved from the noisy common room in the more intimate interiors of the conference room, where, in fact, interested in (including myself) were able to communicate with the creators of “Dawn” is more encouragement for this situation. About the film (and indeed of Russian horror) told the aforementioned producers, and other people: writer Eugene Koledintseva, operator Ivan Burlakov and actress Anna Saliva. Questions to him from the audience and the presenter (it was the representative of the famous site “Movie Theater”) was decent, asked them a question, and your humble servant – but we’ll leave that behind the scenes, to please interesting exclusive closer to the premiere of the film (31 January 2019). The rest can be seen and heard in the video:

+ more photos from the conference (clickable):

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