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As we thought, “the Box” has been rated PG-13

It would be strange if a new horror movie John R. Leonetti would have received from the censors of the MPAA the organization rolling more severe rating than PG-13 (children under thirteen to watch is not recommended). According to the scenario the main character “Boxes” (Wish Upon) – a teenage girl, and judging by the trailers, movie is primarily just for an audience of high school students.

Audience under the age of 13 cinema viewing not recommended because of the presence in it of “violence and cruelty”, but, presumably, it should be pretty light. A pity, because the potential can you expect good bloody scenes in the style of “destination”.

Loser of adolescence finds a mysterious box that grants wishes. Now she will get even with all who laugh at her, but what fee will ask for the box instead?

“Box” will be opened in Russian cinemas on 13 July 2017.

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