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As traveled by our ancestors. Photo

Как путешествовали наши предки. ФотоIn ancient times, people went to travel.

July, summer is in full swing. All progressive humanity is committed as soon as possible to leave a stuffy office and to go to the sea, in the mountains or any other pleasant place. Especially for vacationers, as well as regular travellers tell of where the legs grow from modern tourism.

1. Primitive world

Как путешествовали наши предки. Фото

Since ancient times, humanity can not sit still. The first homosapiens, who did not know farming and hunted by hunting and gathering, could not afford long-stay Parking. Exhaustible natural resources – simply put, killing all the mammoths in the area – they were removed from their homes, and went in search of new land, where mammoths and more, and the grass is greener.

Permanent migration processes, characteristic of ancient peoples, stimulated the intellectual development of the people of the rudiments of geographical knowledge, developing botany, Zoology, and even basic mechanics to carry Luggage, to catch fish in the river or to cross the river required special tools and vehicles. In addition, the need to transfer the accumulated information contributed to the birth of art – cave paintings.

2. Ancient civilizations

Как путешествовали наши предки. Фото

With the advent of the first civilizations the movement of human masses on the planet has not stopped, though the motivation has changed movements.

The key to the prosperity of ancient States was the international trade. The rulers of Ancient Egypt were regularly fitted out the expedition, pursuing economic and trade goals. For example, it is known for certain about the journey of Hannah in 2750 BC to the coast of the red sea for the precious stones, ivory and aromatic resins, and plants. Then in the XXVII century BC Egyptian ships first crossed the Mediterranean sea – the goal of the Wanderers was a Phoenician city of Byblos, from where the flotilla was back filled to the brim with cedar wood.

Как путешествовали наши предки. Фото

It should be noted that merchants, who are always looking to attract customers and search of new (fast, safe) trade routes, often played the role of pioneers, supplying the home is not only rare goods, but also valuable information about the structure of the surrounding world.

The development of trade resulted in the establishment of the Institute of embassies. Chinese, Egyptian, Sumerian diplomats have made long voyages to distant lands, in order to become the guarantor of peaceful relations among States.

Как путешествовали наши предки. Фото

Long before the beginning of a new era appeared the prototype of one of the popular modern types of tourism – religious pilgrimage. Groups of pilgrims performing the procession to the temples of the great gods, and missionaries, spreading their own doctrine, fit into the cultural landscape of the ancient world.

Of course, periodically, the citizens of developed countries have embarked on a journey with far not the most peaceful purposes – a common phenomenon was colonialist or military campaigns. But in expeditions of this kind we shall not stop, because the basis of modern tourism went they, and others – more peaceful journey.

3. Ancient Greece

Как путешествовали наши предки. Фото

Like other ancient Greeks made shopping trips, made a pilgrimage to the Holy places and went for the knowledge (“father of history” Herodotus visited Egypt, Persia, Babylonia, the country of the Scythians and many other places, detailing the geography of their movements, and the history and culture of the peoples he had seen).

In addition, it was in Ancient Greece appeared first on events such as sports and health tourism.

Want to improve health went to the temples of the God of healing Asclepius. These facilities are usually located far from cities in areas with a favorable climate. Temple priests studied medicine and helped everyone to recover from ailments.

Как путешествовали наши предки. Фото

However, the treatment was started even before the believer has met with God. Ritual that precedes a visit to the temple included a number of important procedures, fasting, ablutions, baths. In addition, the Greeks knew about the medicinal properties of sulphur, salt-sulphur and chalybeate waters. Near the springs was erected baths, where wealthy citizens could relax and at the same time to get rid of illnesses.

The phenomenon of sports tourism appeared in Greece around the eighth century BC the Olympic games. Every four years in Olympia flocked tens of thousands of fans wishing to see the competition of their idols. In this case the Greek government did everything to ensure that tourists get the maximum enjoyment from the trip.

Как путешествовали наши предки. Фото

On the occasion of the Olympic games in the city had a job fair, where besides shopping you could listen to the speech of famous philosophers, poets or orators, but also to take a look at the work of local artists. Cultural activities continued in the temples in which for a fee provided the opportunity to observe the work of priests, and to hear the “tour guide”, telling stories and legends about this place.

Because different types of travelling soon became an important part of life of Greek society, the country is actively developing tourism infrastructure. Near the larger temples have forged a network of “sacred” roads to ensure free access of pilgrims to the sanctuary.

Как путешествовали наши предки. Фото

Resorts, near temples and other places of a mass congestion of people there are hotels that provide shelter to strangers, but not food (the food the travelers brought with them). These institutions were generally in the municipal property. Private entrepreneurs in the hotel industry was a little bit – to keep such a business was considered unworthy.

I must say, the national hotel facility in Greece was not extensive and did not allow to accommodate all the visitors. However, tourists have not experienced any major problems finding housing. In the homes of the wealthy usually had rooms for guests – wealthy Greeks welcome new travelers.

Как путешествовали наши предки. Фото

In the Greek cities have created “Alliances hospitality.” Each member of such a Union – Xen – officially became the protector of the interests of the inhabitants of the other policy in your state. Over time, Hellas was formed Institute of proxenos. In modern language, proksen played the role of Consul, representing the interests of the inhabitants of the place that gave him this status.

4. Ancient Rome

Как путешествовали наши предки. Фото

On the occurrence of the tourism industry in a broad sense you can say since the era of Ancient Rome.

In the heyday of the Empire was built an extensive network of quality roads, the total length of which, according to various estimates ranged from 80 to 300 thousand kilometers. The importance laid by the Romans of the ways the Ancient world was so great that the historian Procopius even included one of them is the famous Major road leading from Rome to Capua, in your list of Wonders of the world.

Appian Dorogan
Along the roads at a distance of 6-15 miles apart located a mail station, where you can change horses, and to meet other needs: to eat in the tavern to stay for the night.

Advertising one coaching Inn in Lyon read: “Here mercury promises gain, Apollo health, Septime — good reception, and with a table. Who will enter here, will feel good; stranger, take a good look at the place where you want to live”.

Как путешествовали наши предки. Фото

Call to inspect the property, obviously, appeared on the sign for a reason. Most of the Roman hotels can not be called comfortable: pillows, stuffed with straw and infested with insects, diluted wine, bad food. This situation has resulted in roadside hotels stayed mostly poor people. Wealthy travelers, as a rule, slept in tents, which were carried with him.

Large demand of travelers used the road map with the designation of the above mentioned hostelries. In addition to maps in the beginning of a new era at the disposal of the Romans were also the guides, giving detailed descriptions of a route indicating points of interest, out of the way. To acquire this kind of guide was a special “tourist Bureau”. There’s also, apparently, sold, and other knacks: masks to protect the face from sun and wind, the little road book, etc.

Как путешествовали наши предки. Фото

On the unprecedented flourishing of the tourism industry in Ancient Rome is the fact that a prominent minds of the time engaged in the development of the philosophy of travel. For example, Seneca the Younger wrote that for productive leisure should “choose locations not only healthy for body but also for manners,” because “and the area, without a doubt, has the ability to corrupt”.

Как путешествовали наши предки. Фото

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