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As to “experience” the new year party: useful tips

Как "пережить" новогодний корпоратив: полезные советыHow to celebrate New year 2017 in the circle of employees so that then the entire year would not be ashamed to look people in the eye?

The main thing to remember – despite the seeming informality behave as a friend not worth it.

Yet this event, there are which your colleagues and superiors.

10 rules corporate New year

1. Don’t be late. Except that it’s ugly, you miss a good chance to talk to my boss in a relaxed holiday atmosphere.

2. Don’t avoid communication. Look at the celebration of the new faces. Big mistake – the whole evening to chat away with colleagues with whom you are sitting all the year round in the same room.

3. Do not overdo the booze. Free alcohol is not an excuse to get drunk to “pig squeal”. New year’s drunken antics can not only make a man the laughing stock of the office, but also have a negative impact on their career development.

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4. Don’t bother the boss. Don’t bother talking to the chef on production topics, and especially don’t ask for a raise, even if you think that he is in good spirits. Anyway – follow the chain of command!

5. Don’t flirt. Drunk molestation can ruin the relationship with the “object of aspiration”.

6. Don’t tell dirty jokes. What would casual the environment, don’t stoop to dirty jokes – for those who potrezvee, they can be unpleasant.

7. Not tittle-tattles. All the better to avoid intimate conversations. If we are talking about colleagues talking in their absence, only that I did not hesitate to tell them in person.

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8. Don’t complain. No need to turn the party in a meeting of disgruntled office workers.

9. Not artistsite. It is unlikely that the boss will like your impassioned speech about how much more efficient you could run a company.

10. Don’t get carried away with the celebration until the morning. And especially not after the closing of the restaurant to invite all participants of the celebration of home, even if you at this moment think that they are wonderful people and they are closer to you never been.

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