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As to “experience” the meal and keep you healthy

Как "пережить" застолье и сохранить здоровьеHow to drink vodka

Vodka is a strange drink.

On the one hand it is cleaner than distillates – brandy, whiskey and tequila. In fact, it is a mixture of ethyl alcohol with purified water, the missed through the coal. Therefore, a good vodka has no taste and is used solely for the purpose of achieving a certain level of intoxication. A certain — in the best case.

Let’s try to figure out how to drink vodka with the really greatest and lowest risk for the body:

1. Vodka is drunk chilled, up to about 10 °C pyatidesyatimetrovy small stacks. After the third stack, it is desirable to get up from the table for 15-20 minutes. It’s called “go to smoke”. Although time to smoke and it is not necessary. During the “break” the body will finally have time to be involved in the processing of alcohol and food.

2. Vodka is a drink for feasts. Feast we have at all times abundant. Reign on them especially salads with mayonnaise and other fatty meals. And vodka – a great aperitif it is not only tempts appetite, but also stimulates digestion.

However, alcohol is undesirable from abundant snack fatty foods. In doing so, we increase the load on the liver, which at this point should be engaged in the production of enzymes that ensure the processing of alcohol.

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Therefore, the best snack after the first drink is cucumber pickles, sauerkraut or herring with onions. Well, then, when the body is dispersed, you can move on to meats and salads.

One of the causes of hangover is called caused by alcohol deficiency of magnesium in the body. It is associated headache, muscle weakness and arrhythmia. Magnesium is just found in pickles and sauerkraut. Also, these products contain in abundance potassium needed heart muscle, which during libations drops a serious load. No wonder that Dr. A. P. Chekhov what pickles called the best snack with vodka.

3. Vodka is a very good lemon. It is useful for any alcoholic drinks, as for the processing of alcohol requires a large amount of vitamin C. But having a strong taste, lemon interrupts the taste of the drink. But under tasteless vodka lemon – just what the body needs.

4. Useful in small doses vodka, when iterating doses becomes a poison as any drug. However, already started drinking man, hard to understand where it is the norm. Moreover, having no pronounced taste, vodka, each glass is easier. It is therefore desirable to identify the amount of alcohol consumed before the start of the process. And even if, having planned itself the norm of 5 to 50 g, in the way we lost count and took 6 or 7 50 – not terrible. The main thing that we remember about the existence of edges.

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5. In women under 50 years the liver produces the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase in two times less than men. Namely, this enzyme is involved in processing of the received alcohol. Therefore, women have to take twice a smaller dose than men. If at all necessary.

6. Vodka in any case, it is necessary to stop to drink when the meal passes to sweet. In the end it is better to drink a little tea, he will. And then – only the water. One of the main causes of a hangover – dehydration.

7. When there is abundant food, the intoxication will be less power but will last longer because the body simply will take longer to metabolize alcohol. But the level of hangover when iterating it will not save.

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