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As the transition to e-work book will affect ordinary Ukrainians

 Как переход на электронные трудовые книжки отразится на простых украинцахPension Fund initiates the transition to a digital accounting of employees.

Already this year, Ukraine may start to replace paper work books electronic. Technology implementation recently presented the head of the Pension Fund Oleksiy Zarudny. What will change for employees.

INNOVATION. As explained Zarudny, Pensfond all working plans to issue electronic ID cards that will replace paper work book. This has modernized the register of insured persons (who are officially working for them and the employer pays the insurance contributions to the PF) — now it is the same all across the country. By the way, cancel the paper trudnice, the Ministry had offered in November 2015, but then only talked about the creation of a single database. To give employees the ID card is not planned. But then the bill was withdrawn without explanation. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Now, in order for the registry is completely replaced paper trudnice, it is necessary to additionally enter data about the employee’s position. PF promised that all the technical issues in the second half of the year, and the first ID-cards instead of paper books plan to issue by year-end.

HOW IT WORKS. E-book looks like a plastic driver’s license or passport: photo, name and signature of the owner, validity period and is called “the Identity of the insured person”. On the basis of the number of years of payment of insurance premiums is calculated seniority, pensionable, which will make in e-book (we will remind, today the man to receive the pension officially need to work for 35 years, female 30 years). Further, the personnel officer will be required to make in the registry, in e-book all the information about the employee: when accepted, what position, when moved to another position or dismissed for any article.

“But as the registry for the payment of insurance contributions is conducted only from July 1, 2000, to completely abandon paper books will be only those who began work after this date. The rest in the calculation of seniority will have to present a paper and a book”, — explained the expert Viktor Kolbun.

But, in his opinion, in a few years PF is to require all employers to digitize the data truniger paper and make the registry, assuring e-signature of the personnel officer. This will give PF fraud protection, for now trudnice are sold, and to make stamped record of the alleged work until 2000 (when it is not kept record of payment of insurance contributions) which became extinct in the firm for rogues is not difficult. Also fired for “bad” article of the Labor code (breach of confidence, misconduct) will not be able to “lose” the work book to hide this fact.

The pros and cons of innovation

The main advantage of the introduction of e-books Kolbun calls the accuracy and integrity of employee, as well as reducing costs to the employer of maintaining the state of the HR service.
So, salary can get on the network.

HR employee of a large holding Tatyana Shevtsova adds: “If the e-registry will work, the personnel officers will understand the working career of the employee, under what article he was fired. This will allow not to hire a potential truants and dishonest. But until I see a long and complex period of transition and the increased costs of the employer for the purchase and installation of software, training of HR staff.”

Expert on labour market Tatyana Pashkina fears mistakes HR managers when making entries in the registry, which will be difficult to identify and correct: “If a paper workbook people can easily notice the discrepancy and ask her to fix it, with e-book it is more difficult. Correct the error in the registry can be only through court. And it affects strahler and retirement. The only way out is the issue at hand paper certificates with a seal that will actually become ersatz book.”

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