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As the Soviet Union wanted to conquer the world

Как СССР хотел завоевать весь мир

Many fans of the scoop often like to tell stories about what a peace-loving country was the USSR — for example, showing a poster with the child, holding a flag with the inscription “peace — peace!”. Mol — well, except maybe a more peaceful state on earth? And, patting themselves wings on each side, exclaiming — “well, how can you not love the Soviet Union!”

Of course, in fact it was quite the opposite — the USSR was a very warlike country, which all its existence waged aggressive war, sponsored destructive totalitarian regimes and engaged in subversive activities in Europe — just an ordinary Soviet citizens were, silencing the 58th article and the most tasty in the world ice cream to boot.

So in today’s post — the story about how the USSR was preparing to conquer the world and what came of it. Come under kat, there interesting. Well, friends to add do not forget)

The project of world revolution.

Как СССР хотел завоевать весь мир

Practically in the first days after coming to power after the revolution of 1917 , the Bolsheviks stated that the results of the “Russian revolution” is only the beginning and the first step of a huge ladder that must eventually lead to World Communism. It will be implemented either through a series of revolutions in (to start) the nearby countries of Europe, either through direct military intervention — offensive of the red army to the West.

The threat of this occurrence was very real in 1917-1920-year — Bolshevik army invaded Georgia and marched further to the West, hoping to easily get weakened by war Eastern Europe. Here’s what he wrote in his memoirs, one of the red commanders by the name of Ants:

In one day we have restored the destroyed Parliament Sorochany the bridge and broke into Kiev. I ordered the artillery to hit the largest palaces in the ten-storied house on the waterfront. The house burned to the ground. I lit the city. Beat the palaces, churches, priests, monks. Twenty-fifth day of January defensist Duma asked for a truce. In response, I scourged chemical asphyxiating gases… Speaking on the direct line with Vladimir Ilyich, I told him I wanted to go with the revolutionary armies to conquer the world.

In the end the Red army was stopped in 1920 in Poland with the Bolsheviks over the resources for further conquest of Europe, but from the aggressive plans they have not given up, going to the stage of “game long”. In March 1919, created an organization called the Comintern, which was engaged in the organization of all the Communist Butch, demonstrations and attacks in Europe. Funded by the Communist international by the Russian Bolsheviks, and all its congresses took place in Moscow.

Как СССР хотел завоевать весь мир

On the Comintern and its slogan “rot front!” is a lot to read in the literature of the interwar time periodically here and there are mentions of some fugitive terrorists from the Comintern that lurk in the Soviet Union from international prosecution. In words, the Comintern was supposedly fighting for “workers rights” — but in reality he was just shattered European governments and sowed confusion in areas adjacent to the USSR countries, trying to prepare there is a change of government, and ultimately the transition of these countries under the full power of the Soviet Union.

However, in the interwar years the Comintern enjoyed some popularity in Europe. Contributed skillfully created by Soviet propaganda emphasis on “poverty and injustice working” as well as the means of visual propaganda, like bright posters and loud populist slogans. Many people believed them.

“The whole world will be ours!”

Around the end of 1920-ies the idea of “world revolution” began to wither and wilt — money from inferior working of the planned economy became less, and the idea of taking over the world beginning, all continue to take second place. From the Stalinist “Constitution” of 1936 removed the mention of the World Soviet Socialist Republic (formerly there were such, you know?), as “conquering the world”, it was decided to limit to a single continent — in the thirties the Soviet Union still did not lose hope that the USSR will enter China, and together they will be able to “stick the bayonet in Soviet Europe”, reaching the Atlantic ocean.

Echoes of these Bolshevik appetites and “around the world”, udavshegosya to the size of a single continent, you can perfectly see in the work of writers and artists of those years. In 1935, the artist draws Zavialov poster entitled “the Whole world buder is ours!”. The poster shows a child who sticks a red flag in a globe (symbol of Earth), and the right of it is a military truck with the same flag. It is noteworthy that the Soviet border (country red on the globe) is indicated is not within the boundaries of 1935, and extend much wider — the Union has already swallowed the Baltic States and all of Europe except Scandinavia. Did not expect, so to speak, and prepared.

Как СССР хотел завоевать весь мир

These borders of the USSR “from ocean to ocean” found in the poems of those years. The poet Pavel Kogan, widely known Soviet song about Brigantine, which is somewhere out there ready to sail, in 1940, the year wrote a poem with these lines:

I believe that nowhere in the world
The second such not to find
So smelled at dawn,
That smoky wind on the Sands…

And where else will you find such
Birch, as in my land!
I’d died like a dog from nostalgia
In any coconut Paradise.

But we still get to the Ganges,
But we’ll die in battle,
That from Japan to England
I shone my Motherland.

Shadows of the past.

Как СССР хотел завоевать весь мир

Every year the Soviet hopes to conquer the whole world melted away — the money from the USSR every year became less, the problems became more and created under the guise of the Second world war, the Warsaw Pact was torn apart by contradictions. The Europeans wanted to live in Asia and imposed on them-Soviet despotism, in which the nomenclature has everything and the common people are only fed propaganda — Europe, a wave of revolts and popular uprisings for freedom in Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Gdansk — which in the end knocked the remnants of Bolshevism from Europe.

The Bolsheviks weren’t about to give up, flooding the Europe of the seventies and eighties their agents of influence. Bolshevik agents infiltrated Western intelligence agencies and sometimes even in government, oversaw the work of Eastern European Bolshevik intelligence services, like the Stasi, oversaw a network of prisons and death cellars, like the Lithuanian KGB prisonand was hidden by the elimination of objectionable persons. they Say that some of the Soviet agents of the Soviet secret police from that era have become heads of state, like a rusty robot from the novel by Kir Bulychev’s “the Island of rusty General”, continue to carry out their destructive program — but it’s probably tales. Yelp storytellers)

But what is most interesting, either then or now, the Bolsheviks can not really explain why they actually needed the whole world? And what would they do after if they managed to capture it? Apparently, they have started to prepare for war with the Martians…

Such cases.

Write in the comments what you think about it.

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