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As the scoop did not let the people of the country

Как совок не выпускал людей из страны



Как совок не выпускал людей из страны

So, friends, today will be a post on one interesting and very important subject — how in the scoop (in the USSR) did not let the people of the country. Maybe this will become for many young fans of the USSR — but to leave the country at all desire it was not so easy — even for ordinary tourist trips needed to collect a variety of information and to the so-called “exit visa”, and for emigration, and all had to go through seven circles of hell to leave, usually naked like a Falcon, with one suitcase of things.

And only one that puts an end to all the stories of fans of the USSR about the “perfect life scoop”. Harsh and unemotional statistics kills all these stories in simple fact, in developed countries people are trying to get all possible ways, and from all countries gnesinsky the opposite — try to escape.

So — people from all over the world tried to get in the developed countries like the US, Western Europe or Australia, and from the bottom like the USSR tried the opposite to get away with all sorts of ways. The mass of examples that people wanted to move to a scoop — does not exist in nature. In the USSR “sought” only polinomialnye all sorts of freaks like Oswald and then, often having lived in the scoop and seeing clearly the difference between Soviet propaganda and reality, even those freaks tried to go back to the Decadent West.

So in today’s post — a story about how people were not allowed out of the scoop. In General, make sure you check out the article below, it is interesting. Well, friends to add do not forget)

Country behind the Iron Curtain.

To begin, I briefly outline the situation in the scoop as a whole, and then talk about the possibility to leave the Soviet Union in principle. The main difference between the scoop from the developed democratic countries was that there was said one thing and done quite another. By the way, this is what still can not understand people from Western countries are dealing with shovels, you need to look at their deeds, and not words.

Как совок не выпускал людей из страны

So — in the words of the Soviet Union was a country of freedom, a country of great possibilities and achievements, the Soviet songs and the false anthem is continually sung about in which a broad, easy and free country we live in, that you finally conquered the people’s Happiness and here comes Communism — but in reality, after the revolution of 1917 people began to live life more unfree than in tsarist Russia — just it was forbidden to speak openly. The sweep of the information field is supplied scoops as a great achievement — we killed/put/silenced anyone who spoke about the problems — and thus the problem ceased to exist.

In the same vein, it is necessary to consider the situation with the possibility of departure from the scoop — people just forbidden to leave the country, did leave the USSR, the most complex — and on the international stage, told stories about what we supposedly no immigrants — see how well we live, even one of the country’s not leaving! Western countries are easily bought on these stories, as measured of the Soviet Union to its democratic measure — the protests in the USSR, there are in the press, no one criticizes the government, of the country no one tries to leave — so maybe there really is a good life? Not all understood that the protests is not because in the Soviet Union, they simply banned the press is criticism because all the press — Soviet (alternative views are forbidden), and from a country no one’s leaving just because it’s physically impossible to do.

Как совок не выпускал людей из страны

It was called the”Iron Curtain” — the occupying power of the Bolsheviks forbade the citizens to have their own opinion and Express it openly, and were forbidden to leave the country, while trying to create for the West such a picture, like Soviet citizens themselves wanted it…

The hard life of Soviet tourists.

Now let’s see how this “Iron curtain” worked in practice. Start with the fact that tourism as such in the USSR was not in principle — “tourist” in the scoop was called a tramp in blue tights with a fabric backpack, moss green, dented aluminum pot and upset the Leningrad seven-string guitar over his shoulder — hobo with a happy dementia was dragged on shovels hills, forests and lakes eating canned meat “Breakfast of tourist”, expertly stoking the fires with one match and from time to time singing songs in the style of “while I’m driving, and I’m going beyond the mist, beyond the mist feed ass mosquitoes.”

Как совок не выпускал людей из страны

This is nischebrodskoe wandering the fields and forests and was called a scoop, “tourism”. That in developed countries, tourists travel around the world, znakomjatsja with the new cities and the world values of culture and for many decades, there are travel agencies in the scoop did not even guess. Well, to go abroad the average Soviet citizen was, if not impossible, then very difficult. To begin with, that the trips abroad were not available in all the Soviet years, sold for unknown schemes, cost a small fortune — and in the end you still could not leave the country.

The future tourist passing through several levels of filtering — first, the local Committee took a statement from the applicant to travel and gave him the so-called characteristic, which describes the moral quality of phrases like “Comrade Ivanov — production worker, in public life takes a very active part, he was elected member of the factory Committee of the Komsomol, politically literate, modest in everyday life, the company enjoys prestige and respect”.

Как совок не выпускал людей из страны

The feature was supposed to be signed by the head of the company, party Secretary, Chairman of YSU and the official seal. Then the person with the feature were submitted for consideration and approval to the district Committee of the CPSU. And then the whole part of a tour group we were to adopt another, and a Commission under the party Committee.

In addition, the future tourist is traveling abroad, had to fill out a questionnaire in which he listed all his relatives (living and deceased), to obtain a certificate of health, to make an extract from the trade unions, to pay a considerable price (for example, a tourist trip to Bulgaria was worth as much as 600 rubles, about five Soviet of average wages) and exchange is limited to the permitted number of Soviet money for foreign currency — that you God forbid did not buy it yourself something extra.

Как совок не выпускал людей из страны

And most importantly — a trip you could not allow in principle, even if at some stage you suspect the defector — that is, one who is going to leave and not return. In the U.S. border patrol has this wording — “you have deceived the US government about the true purpose of your visit, you are probably going to stay here, we cannot let you enter.” So, in the scoop was the same, but exactly the opposite — the government did not allow exit from the country’s own citizens.

Shoots from the Soviet Union. A Big Area.

The last section will mention a few cases, shoots from the Soviet Union. I must say that shoots from the USSR tried not to advertise (so as not to provoke others), but the most epic cases it was impossible to hide.

In 1976, 29-year-old member of the Communist party, Lieutenant Viktor Belenko, driving the latest Soviet interceptor MiG-25P flew to the United States where he sought asylum. On arrival in America of Viktor Belenko was surprised at the usual supermarket. Belenko learned English and taught at the military Academy technique of aerial combat, re-married, published a book, earned, visited 68 countries, has no regrets. In the USSR, Belenko was sentenced in absentia to death…

Как совок не выпускал людей из страны

Liliana Gasinska lived in Odessa and had planned to escape from the Soviet Union in 14 years. For this Liliana learned to swim, and then got a job as a stewardess on a cruise ship “Leonid Sobinov”. Late on 14 January 1979 cruise ship landed at the airport of Sydney Australia.

Eighteen year old Lily mentally said goodbye to his family, wearing a bright red bikini and a graceful swallow fluttered from the window, jumping into the black abyss of Sydney harbour. Lillian found a bystander — he saw in the darkness the girl of model appearance in a scarlet swimsuit, who in broken English informed him that escaped from the Soviet Union and seeks asylum.

In Australia, Liliana became a real star — first became a model and posed for magazines like Penthouse, she married the photographer of the newspaper Daily Mirror, starred in the television series and became a DJ.

Как совок не выпускал людей из страны

One of the most famous escapees from the USSR was Mikhail Baryshnikov — he studied ballet and acted in films. Once, during a Bolshoi theater tour in Canada he decided to stay in this country, it happened in 1974. After Canada, Michael moved to the United States, where it all has developed successfully — and 4 years he danced in the ballet, from 1980 to 1989 was Director of the American ballet theatre and the lead dancer. He founded his own center for the arts, has had considerable influence on American and world ballet, was nominated for the award “Oscar” and “Golden globe”, has starred.

And the most funny and sad at the same time in that to imagine an “escape” from developed countries is simply impossible — there you can always leave when you want. You can run only from the area — in fact, such a large area of the Soviet Union and were…

Such cases.

Write in the comments what you think about all this, I wonder.


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