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As the international strategy manage the Russian economy

Doctor of economic Sciences Elena Veduta on the role of the world Bank and the International monetary Fund in a series of Russian crises

Stranger to the system

We sat in someone else’s control system. In this global control system leader is, first of all, the world Bank, which determines the direction of investment, and through them – that will develop, and what to deteriorate. Helps him international monetary Fund, which by its methodology considers the balance of payments for each country. And “painted”, does not provide a key currency of the elect are equal to the actually manufactured goods of other countries. On the basis of this assessment, the IMF decides what economic policy should the government of a state. But chief Executive strategy is the one who invests, primarily, the world Bank.

It is clear that these and other international economic organizations subordinate to Executive bodies, a common global strategy. What is this global strategy, as we see it for quite a long period of time? Second, if not third century is the centralization of global capital, the bundle on the most wealthy – transnational oligarchs and others who, in fact, form the vast impoverished majority. The place of our country was pre-determined – nobody asked her to take a high position in this game.

The incident of profitability

What eventually happens when we strictly, such as Ukraine, carry out all instructions that gives us the IMF and the received investment of the world Bank for a certain purpose? The standard recommendation for developing countries to develop infrastructure, because transnational capital needs access to cheap raw materials. So it was in the tsarist period, when globalization was just beginning, as is happening now. Gradually we have priority sectors of steel raw materials. As a result, we virtually destroyed science and technology advanced developments – they would be unprofitable.



Actually profitability is not a criterion of whether or not those or other industries. But all of that system, which was imposed on us, dictates that if there are unprofitable enterprises, they should not be maintained – they should be bankrupt. And nobody pays attention to what the prices used in the calculation of bankruptcy in General are not reliable and do not reflect anything.

Как международные стратеги управляют российской экономикой

Elena Veduta. Photo: TV Channel “Tsargrad”

From the figures?

So we got into the global management system, strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of this system. We have the Ministry of Finance – it is, as he should be, is the budget. But how is it doing this? Say, based on forecasts of GDP growth provided by economic development. So give us a method by which the Ministry of economic development calculates the rate of GDP growth. I asked through the Duma, through the chairmen of the committees – I haven’t seen her and did not. The question is whether it exists at all or the Ministry of Finance, Ministry simply broadcast the recommendations of the world Bank and the IMF? Compare with the accessibility guidelines of Gosplan – the red book, which could freely buy and perform.


We now have all primitive – we depend on what will be the price of oil. We did not determine these prices, and strategists. They decided to raise the price – we were lucky, we are fine. No luck, prices have fallen – so we’ll have to tighten the belt. Depending on this, the Ministry of Finance predicts its revenues.

Next, determine the expenses. Some of them are prevented – in particular, the cost of the Pension Fund, because they have to give some guarantees. Hence, top-down attempts to reduce these costs, as well as “uneconomic” costs of health care, to education.

But the Ministry of Finance does not know how much we will actually collect revenues: change budget 2018 is clearly show. The Ministry is working as Manager: assembled-was divided, assembled-was divided. The question of how it divides – like the recommendations of the Ministry of economic development, but the latter has no real ideas on how to develop our production.

Mutation Of Economic Development

The Soviet Union was not the Ministry of economy. Was the coordinating authority – the State planning Committee of the Council of Ministers, he planned the development of the economy, and the Finance Ministry was closely associated with this plan. What makes the Ministry of economic development now? Overlaps in its functions with the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank predicts growth of GDP, investment flows, trying to predict the currency rate… It’s a kind of research Institute: analysts sit and something to predict, but the economic development Ministry has nothing to do.

Thus, our economy run perestanovki the blanket of the Ministry of Finance (here we can recall that Maxim Oreshkin, a former Deputy Anton Siluanov) and the Central Bank, which has strict rules on how to maintain currency stability, preventing high inflation, how to keep dependence on foreign reserves. Both perform their functions purely in accordance with the requirements of the IMF and the World Bank.

And perform them deliberately, I have no doubt about that. Because the country has shaped its strategy, the country does not have its own economic development plan. But we have to live at least some kind of plan. Here we live by the plan that built us and for us.

Nuclear factor

Arises a natural question: if the underlying decisions, including those relating to energy prices, are taken by strategists of globalization, why wouldn’t they lower oil prices to the level of, say, $ 20 a barrel, not to support the “totalitarian regimes”?

The fact that these strategists are very smart people. The most important thing for them is survival, they can’t afford to have nuclear weapons spread around the world, from their point of view, this should not be ever the world should not disappear due to nuclear war. But was the country, the Soviet Union, which possessed the largest nuclear Arsenal and not subject to a single management system. “Thanks,” the restructuring of the former Soviet Union lost part of the territory, and part of the state, he has slipped to the status of a raw materials appendage, but by instinct Russia continues to hold the Fort. Utterly impoverished Russia would be dangerous, therefore, implemented a system of smooth pressure on her to gradually, in the course of the disarmament negotiations, it was possible to withdraw her nuclear capability.

Of course, it would be very nice if the world was happy without nuclear weapons, mutual threats and all the rest – and to this we regularly call. But, alas, these strategists implement, to put it mildly, dishonest, even criminal strategy, since all their monetary methods only contribute to the redistribution of income in all countries, particularly those who do not have a key currency, in favor of the richest of the world and thereby lead the world to disaster.

In the pursuit of Honduras

This strategy, which is a General chaos, misery and unemployment, it should not continue to move the world, because it is pushing it to destruction. We are given to understand that when Russia gradually will be forced by the disaster in the economy – to surrender his nuclear capability, then suddenly the strategy will work in the interests of the people. But I have not seen any specific Western developments that would really work for the growth path of the public good. So it turns out that the strategy, declaring the positive task of destroying the countries that have nuclear weapons, aimed primarily at Russia, which has a lot of resources and that they are not divided. They want their security and our resources.

What else offer the world of these strategists? In the social sphere, system universal control, digital economy, zasifrovanych dvoynichkov in computers, and in the future chips, as in animals, which will allow to manage people instead of managing the economy in the interests of the people. So happy that there is a country – Russia, which today is experiencing hard times, but gives peace a chance on the failure of Western strategy, in a new, equitable globalization in the interests of all peoples of the world.

That’s the paradox turns out – Russia fulfills all economic instructions that come from the world centre, and with regard to foreign policy and defense, it resists. Of course, it’s not quite right. If we want to keep the blow with dignity, we need first of all to develop the economy. Try to maintain military parity with a crumbling economy. And she falls apart: many of the most exotic countries, Thailand, Namibia, Honduras – though slowly, but go up, and we continue to go down.

Path planning

When our businesses were created, this was on a clear plan, they were all unified by the thread of relationships. And when we began to bomb these national chains and to embed the entire country’s economy in the global context, we actually destroyed a number of industries, e.g. machine tools. And when now, in the sanctions regime, we say: all machines will be no more, no spare parts no – we have nothing to answer, the machine just will not appear on the market. So we should plan the appearance of this machine. And how to plan? Where to start?

The Soviet Gosplan, born in the period of war communism under the famous GOELRO project, managed in a short time to industrialize, to create a victorious military machine and to restore peaceful farming after the war for 50 years, was “murdered” in 1991 together with the Soviet Union. However, the experience of “live” planning of the state planning Committee that organizes the alignment of the plan calculations, “input – output” across the country to ensure its movement in the desired direction was the emergence of Soviet science management of the economy – economic Cybernetics, so necessary today for the release of information chaos.

New planning authority, using a digital platform – the economic cybernetic system, will be able to gain control of the independent Russian economy, where time will be made and machines and consumer goods, and, if necessary, nuclear weapons.


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