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As the form of the teeth affects a person’s character

Как форма зубов влияет на характер человекаAn interesting study conducted by scientists-physiognomists, it is connected with the influence of the shape of teeth on a person’s character.

Formation of teeth occurs in strict adherence to laid down in the genetic code of man, the teeth can identify the qualities of a particular person, say the researchers.

According to physiognomy, from people who are open, determination, and stubbornness, will certainly be an impressive incisors. At the same time, the gap between them is able to testify about the propensity for lightning-fast decision-making and unwillingness to think about the consequences.

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According to experts, massive canine teeth give aggressive nature, however, holders of such teeth is also known for the loving.

Straight teeth talk about responsibility, a cold calculation and confidence, added the researchers. On the contrary, people with crooked teeth usually have a quick temper, stubbornness and hard to go on contact. However, they also have a well-developed intuition, which allows them to anticipate almost any situation.

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