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As the FCO created a cult of personality Bulk

Как в ФБК создаётся культ личности Навального

Domestic political and working kitchen domestic non-systemic opposition was always for the General reader rather hidden phenomenon, with the opaque system of labour and financial relations.

One of the most iconic opposition of projects created in recent years, is based Alexei Navalny Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK). He largely monopolized protest the agenda of the media and the opposition, however, the opacity of financial flows and inexplicable growth of the welfare Navalny and a number of his closest employees FBK forces you to look at this problem differently. Especially if you have the opportunity to experience the everyday leadership style Bulk literally first hand.


In the Network appeared the first excerpts from the book by the former head of the Moscow Navalny’s campaign staff Vitaly Sarukhanova, which already made a splash in social networks and gave food for thought about how actually built workflows in FBK, why surrounded by the Bulk thrive blatant fawning and boorish attitude to subordinates, and for some reason in the opposition, sooner or later begins to form a personality cult of their leader.

It should be noted that Vitaly Strokanov posted only a small excerpt of his forthcoming book — the rest will be published as pre-press for funding which Sarukhanov announced in “Facebook” the collection of donations.

So, in the published excerpt on the resource Pastebin Sarukhanov begins with a narrative of the time of the closure of the mass opposition rallies on Bolotnaya and Sakharov, who have certainly domestic political system a certain turning point and a Testament to the fact that in society there is a demand for change.

However, the people that came to the fore at the end of speeches, I thought more about the competitive struggle within the opposition, being extremely zealous attempts of its consolidation or extension of a certain compromise figure. This approach, for example, with respect to the figure of Mikhail Prokhorov, was taken on Board the Bulk, the books Sarukhanova.


— Alexei Navalny in conversations critical of Mikhail Prokhorov, was jealous and saw him as a potential competitor in the protest environment. However, Navalny had any substantive criticism of Prokhorov: it was mostly emotional outbursts in the spirit of “look how he’s a crook, he lied to all of you”.

Then the same rhetoric Alexey would use against many of their opponents of the opposition from power.


Как в ФБК создаётся культ личности Навального



In fact, in the Wake of the controversy regarding single party “entry point” in the opposition, which claimed Prokhorov party “Civic platform”, began to develop the authoritarian style of leadership Navalny and his team, which, according to Sarukhanova left “scorched earth”.


— He (Navalny) goal was to become the king of the opposition, a man with unquestioned authority. A man whom no one dares to challenge, and the man who could beat anyone in the opposition. Looking ahead, notice that by 2018, something like this will happen: turnover includes even the term “scorched earth” that operate Leonid Volkov and all the entourage of Navalny. This “scorched earth” we established ourselves in 2013, when he formed a new configuration of the opposition. We are all burned out, are often themselves not fully realizing the simple truth: to break — not to build.

It is noteworthy that Sarukhanov also gives a fragment of their conversation that took place in 2013 with one of the leaders of the Russian opposition at the time, state Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomarev, who also very clearly appreciated the personal characteristics and management style inherent in the Bulk.


Как в ФБК создаётся культ личности Навального



You know, I think Alexei Navalny his political friend, but in it the makings of an absolute tyrant. If this man takes power, the freedom will be no more, it will be very imperative leader and anybody to descent will not give, it will strengthen itself in the first place.

Meanwhile, if you recall the recent events surrounding the organization of protests Navalny ahead of the attempts of his registration as a presidential candidate, Sarukhanov pointed to the facts of improper conduct of staff the next Bulk (in particular, the head of the Federal “staff” Leonid Volkov), which, in his opinion, disrupted the whole process of collection and verification of signatures.

— A terrible situation with “castling Volkov,” which, following the principle of the obvious nepotism, transfers in Moscow, his longtime friend two weeks before the decisive events. Thus quickly after the appointment of the head was missing about a week, appearing at the headquarters. Why would this human failure need? And quite simply: verification of signatures by region failed completely, hence the lack of even the slightest statistics on it, which for a long time require to disclose donors.


And here it is necessary to explain that meant es-head of the Moscow “headquarters.” The fact that the process of training with the delivery of signatures to register Navalny as a candidate for the presidency (even if he had such a legal possibility) involves the collection of not less than 300 thousand signatures of citizens, with each region should be not less than 7,5 thousand. Sarukhanov indicates that the leadership campaign Bulk (Leonid Volkov) decided to collect 250 thousand signatures in Moscow alone, without activating the network of regional collectors. The explanation for this “brilliant” technology course was given in the context of the presence in Moscow of a large number of other cities, among which it would be possible to find a sufficient number of representatives of different regions. However, having gathered in Moscow in the previous 3 months, only 14 thousand signatures, team Volkova showed a complete organizational failure that apparently led the head of “election headquarters” Bulk on the idea to make the reshuffle, about which wrote with indignation Sarukhanov.



The appointment in that situation, a trusted person from another region the head of the Moscow “staff” which could not take place without the sanction of the Bulk, was aimed at removing Volkova from under reputational crisis and shock. Scam to collect signatures only on the basis of events in Moscow created two such reputational threat of the crisis — Volkov would have to explain what happened to the money allocated for the structure in the regions (but why Fund them, if 300 250 thousand signatures collected in Moscow), and why the collection was overall a failure.

A similar line was adopted in the conduct of mass protest actions that are specifically planned in the most confrontational manner, with the almost inevitable delays — it was necessary to Navalny and his team to explain then the failure of institutional efforts to conduct the election campaign and the failure of the process of collecting signatures.

We will remind that following the results of the “presidential campaign”, initially doomed to failure due to the presence of Navalny convictions, has raised more than 372 million rubles of which was spent 367 million — in addition to the two pictures in the style of the infographic Leonid Volkov has not submitted any report on the movement of funds and expenditure on the regional grid supporters. At the moment wolves safely left to Yale, where he is trained by a special Yale World Fellows program focused on the preparation of the “democratic leaders” (formerly under the program were trained and Alexey Navalny).


It should be noted that the previously widely criticized Navalny and a staff member of the Moscow headquarters of Alexander Turov, became famous after the arrest of the employees of Regardie and subsequent loud statements about the lack of assistance from the founder of the FBC. Turov wrote, in particular, that he attacked and insulted by the activists supporting Navalny, and he received death threats.


Как в ФБК создаётся культ личности Навального



— From insults by phone and the Internet, to outright threats to hurt me. Where it goes, I understand. It is very sad that Alex in front of everyone writes about willingness to meet me almost with open arms, but at the same time allows or provokes such persecution by their wards.

Turovsky also described one episode in which the FCO and Navalny himself completely eliminated from assistance to detained activists. He claims, after detention in the course of pickets at the President’s Administration during the second process in the “case “Kirovec” none of the environment policy is not preoccupied by the fate of arrested activists and helped them with lawyers.

Recall that during the “election campaign” which tried to Bulk, have begun to emerge, the facts of employment in the “headquarters” of the people previously seen to be sympathetic to the Ukrainian nationalists and Maidan, regional cell Navalny supporters shook the organisational and financial scandals, the volunteers wrote in social networks about the incomprehensible decisions of the Federal authorities and changes in the structure of the “headquarters”.

Author: Ilya Ukhov



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