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As the capital prepares for independence Day

Как столица готовится ко Дню независимостиIn Kiev will include the festive illuminations.

Preparations for the celebration of flag Day and the 26th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine is in full swing. Journalists looked at how transformed the Maidan and the Khreshchatyk, and learned how to monitor the safety during mass events.

PATRIOTIC SCENE. On Maidan Nezalezhnosti has installed two huge scenes. One of them takes up almost the whole piece of the square near the stele and looks this year impressive. It is decorated with a gigantic coat of arms of Ukraine — a Golden Trident with a height of about 10 meters! Opposite a smaller stage, with a large screen that will broadcast the celebrations. Yesterday technicians finished to install the special equipment.

“Hot, of course, but nothing to do. Must complete all work, tomorrow is the deadline,” says one of the workers. Along the main streets of the capital have hanging speakers. In addition, there have been a lot of new toilets. Yesterday Khreschatyk and Maidan were open for the passage of vehicles, but today the city centre is starting to block. And tomorrow promise to include the festive illuminations: light blue and yellow garlands with tridents.

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SECURITY. Frames of metal detectors in the center we don’t see. But most likely, like last year, for security purposes, they will appear adjacent to Khreshchatyk streets and in the government quarter. As told in police of Kiev, this question will be solved together with representatives of the KSCA, the state — today it will be discussed at the meeting.

In charge of the holiday will be watched by several thousand militiamen. “We ask people to be sensitive to requests to produce documents and to show contents of large bag or backpack. Previously, there have been incidents when someone tried to bring in places of a mass congestion of people with knives and other dangerous articles”, — say the police.

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Как столица готовится ко Дню независимости
Как столица готовится ко Дню независимости

Security officials are asking residents and guests to follow safety rules during the festivities. “If people noticed the dangerous object or unattended package, touch it not necessary, and to report the discovery to the police. You should pay attention to people that are close. If someone’s behavior is suspicious, it is also better to inform”, — suggest to the security service and the police.

Yet people are advised not to appear in public places in an alcohol intoxication, and parents are asked to closely monitor children. Before “coming out” – also suggest put the baby in his pocket a piece of paper with a phone adult in case it gets lost.

Как столица готовится ко Дню независимости
Как столица готовится ко Дню независимости

Как столица готовится ко Дню независимости

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