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As support the business in the context of the pandemic in Germany

Как поддерживают бизнес в условиях пандемии в Германии

Asked a familiar German businessman briefly and only on the facts describe specific measures to support business and employees to date, are implemented in Germany. The Federal state of Berlin.

Next quote with a minimum of additions and explanations [in square brackets]:

1. Soforthilfe [“immediate assistance”].

Program to support small businesses and freelancers. Get a non-refundable grant from 5,000 to 15,000 euros, just fill in the form on the website, Investment Bank Berlin. I and all my friends received within 5 days after the request.

[Self-employed, individual entrepreneurs and freelancers get from 5 to 9 thousand euros, small entrepreneurs employing up to 10 employees — up to 15 thousand euros].

2. Kurzarbeitgeld [“money for a shorter working day”].

The state pays 60% of the salary of your employees. For example, if the employee s/n 1000 euros, I am applying that it is still on hold, the government guaranteed pays him 600 euros.

However, neither the firm nor the employee does NOT pay any social security taxes to the employee. This measure saves about 2000 euros per employee.

3. Darlehen [“credit”].

A loan at an interest rate of 1%; 100% of the risk and guarantees the government takes. The loan is not more than 50% of revenue last year. It is necessary for him to prepare a number of documents.

4. Landlords are forbidden to drive businesses for non-payment. The company is prohibited to bankrupt for unpaid bills.

[Berlin (population 3.7 million) has directed under the programme for immediate assistance (paragraph 1 above) already 1.3 billion euros; support for more than 360 thousand people]. Everything is organized electronically.

The state ordered businesses to be closed — the state has helped businesses all to be honest.

I hope you’ll get it in the best gear in the cart, and it will contribute to the adoption of similar measures in Russia.

[The last paragraph gives my interlocutor a person who had been quite a long time living in Germany].

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