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As Stephen king “evil dead” saved

The fact that Stephen king is an avid movie buff, knows every fan writer. The basis of his monograph “Dance of death” is necessary a rigorous study of the development of the horror genre in America from the 50s to the 80s years, and to this day, on Twitter account, king periodically shares short impressions of the films viewed are usually positive. Naturally, such references are very pleased with the Directors and are the occasion to once again boast to reporters, but there have been cases when the entire career of the famous Director was built on the opinion of the writer. It happened in 1982 with the then unknown Director Sam Raimi, whom we now know and genuinely adored for a great series of movies and TV shows about ash Williams and his war with an army of demons.

The first “evil dead” was a film purely Amateur and represented an extended version of a short film reymi “In the woods”. Through the efforts of producer Irvin Shapiro, the tape made its way to the Cannes film festival in 1982, but the distributors turned up her nose – for the major issue it seemed to them “too bloody” and “too aggressive.” But a miracle happened – on preview pictures got myself the aforementioned Stephen king, which the festival brought the show outside of the competition program of the anthology “Kaleidoscope of horrors”, filmed with his direct participation. His impressions of such a visit, Sam Raimi shared in an interview with IGN:

During one of the screenings where distributors look at the film and decide to buy rights to it or not, among the audience was Steven king. I was told that he even cried during the movie. And I was the most devoted fan of the king in the world. Then Irwin Shapiro told me, “Ask him what he thought of the film”. I called Stephen and asked him: “Tell me honestly, what do you think about the movie?”. He said, “I will not say, but I will write a review. If you want it to quote, please.” And he really wrote a review in Twilight Zone Magazine. It was very generous of him and we were able to use its assessment in full. Without the approval of the king our film could be lost forever, but thanks to him we were able to make the first big deal.

Indeed, the opinion of Stephen king, enthusiastically responded about the horror Raimi, proved decisive for the Studio New Line Cinema, which acquired the rights to rent “evil dead”. And though at the time of commercial problems has not yet ended (mostly because of the restrictions of censorship, which the painting was exposed in different countries), now we know that this premiere gave rise to one of the best horror franchises in cinema history. And the same opinion, who played in this story the crucial role, the experts in English can read on Reddit. Well, here’s even more reason to love the King of horror!

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