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As reported by the Russian foreign Ministry, the US tried to intervene in the negotiations on the Caspian sea

Как сообщило российское МИД, США пытались вмешаться в переговоры по Каспийскому морю

Washington is convinced that any corner of the world, if it so desires may turn into a zone of vital US interests. To bring there own order, the States usually use their Navy. The main thing – to the territory of the mainland, Islands, peninsulas could get some group of ships led by the aircraft carrier.

Unfortunately the American authorities, in the Caspian sea to send the aircraft carrier the Pentagon can’t. Yes there is a carrier there even any patrol boat passes. No, this sea Strait, through which it would be reported with the ocean. However, the waterway is available. It is known that the Black sea through the Kerch Strait connects the sea of Azov. It flows into the don river, which connects to the Volga-don canal, and then passed in his locks, adventures on the Volga river straight into the sea.

Unfortunately the American “hawks” nor the rivers, nor the channel, the carrier will not pass. It was shallow for him. As for some small military vessel, it is just Russian.

What to do in such circumstances, Washington? As the saying goes, by hook or by crook, to intervene in the developments section of the Caspian sea countries whose shores it washes.

As reported by the Ambassador for special assignments of the Russian foreign Ministry Igor Bratchikov, in the negotiation process on the division of Caspian tried to intervene several countries not only for many thousands of kilometers from the sea, but even in the other hemisphere.

In the other hemisphere are the United States. His leadership along with the leadership of some countries tried to impose on the littoral countries of this draft of agreement to Russia was in Caspian waters on the second, and maybe the tenth roles.

The main task, which sought to meet Washington, is to provide a ban for Russia to have a Navy in the Caspian sea. Why was this necessary? Probably one of the reasons is the lack of opportunities they have to send in this sea some your fleet, or at least a couple of patrol boats, pre-arming them “Tomahawks”.

For the tricks of the US and its allies, the Caspian countries did not. The sea was divided so that no one felt slighted. That is, pyatnadcatiletnij national sovereign area, adjacent areas for fishing, and then a shared space.

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