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As in the Soviet Union were taught to hate America

Как в СССР учили ненавидеть Америку


Как в СССР учили ненавидеть Америку

So, friends — today is an important and interesting post about how the scoop of people have turned against America and taught the people to hate this country. Today’s scoops are approximately the same — except for the fact that they keep money, buy property and teach children in America — while telling people tales about the “evil Americans”. Probably the most striking anti-American movie of the last decades has become a propaganda film “Brother-2”, in which “our Daniel” dealing with the Pindos in their lair.

In fact, it began not yesterday, and another scoop. A short time in the early 1990s, is ready in Russia published the magazine “Reader’s Digest”, showing the transmission like “America with Mikhail Taratuta” and generally showed the former scoops that America is a normal country and live in it ordinary people, but later, with the growth of “spirituality” and “raising from knees” has turned it up and started over again to convince people the idea that their main enemy lives in the ocean — exactly the same as it was in the USSR.

So in today’s post — the story about how the Soviet people were taught to hate America. Make sure you check out the article below, write your opinion in the comments, and of friends added do not forget. And telegram channel also subscribe)

Why the USSR did not like America?

Как в СССР учили ненавидеть Америку

For starters, let’s see — why, in fact, in the scoop so very much loved the United States? The answer to this question is quite simple — the US was a such a big country as the Soviet Union populated by a large number of different people and having the Federal structure, but built on entirely different principles.

In contrast to scoop, who talked about some “healthy team”, mainly in the US has always been personality and its rights. Furthermore, the very Federal structure of the United States was real, and not fictitious — each State had its own (chosen people) of the Governor’s own nuances in law (taking into account local customs) and had absolutely equal rights with other States — for example, in the United States in principle could not appear the slogan “Enough to feed new York!” (like “enough to feed Moscow”). The USA government provided only the functions of security and control over the observance of laws — and had a practical meaning as a state in principle — as a place where people can realize in life the most.

In fact, the U.S. was a real example of a state-the Federation — in comparison with which the poor and needy of the USSR was a caricature of the curve, and comparing them directly — all this became obvious. In addition, in the XVIII century, the United States freed from the yoke of England and become a truly independent country that cares about its citizens — in fact, it was an example of real revolution and liberation, in comparison with which the revolution of 1917 looked miserable, miserable and terrible a parody — as did real people’s lives worse and poorer than it was before 1917.

In addition, the United States has always held an active position on the world stage and clearly said that they will not stand next to the demagogues, pizdobol, tyrants and usurpers, and shovels to power in the Soviet Union rightly took it on his own account and began actively arming.

In short, the United States was irritated scoops exactly the same as successful, rich and smiling annoying neighbor the poor, hungry and angry neighbors driveway — they scream “but he we have kerosene in the kitchen stealing!” — attributing to the fact their own flaws and thinking about how he shit — shouting loud threats and collecting for the decisive battle with the successful neighbor of all neighboring alcoholics.

As it was taught to hate America.

Как в СССР учили ненавидеть Америку

Like other pillars of the Soviet mentality, sort of irrational love for the dead but eternally living Lenin and the cult of bread, hatred of the US is inculcated since childhood — and in the USSR it was called “patriotism” — Soviet “patriotism” was in fact the quintessence of hatred and was unthinkable without the application object of this hatred.

Children in kindergartens and schools children talked about how bad and poor workers in the U.S. and about how much you hate blacks — giving the current state of Affairs statistics from the nineteenth century or even coming up with of your own head figures — and who will check that? Gymnic Sergei Mikhalkov, who keenly kept his nose to the wind of Stalin’s repressions, and in his poems that “branded spies”, then praised the slave labor of children — broke the poetic pamphlet “uncle Tom’s Cabin” is about how the girl on the show came out and gave a lot of money for the redemption of the black slave. The poem ended with the lines

“And silence,
Warmed by the breath of the hall,
The entire Soviet Union
This girl was standing.”

This is a typical example of Soviet doublethink — in the fifties, when it was written the poem, the USSR still existed , the concentration camps of the Gulagwhere it was not just slavery and the slavery of death — people sent there so that they died there. It’s all about Soviet “journalists” and propagandists notebook is silent, but Nardelli in the United States, giving the events of the play a hundred years ago (“the Shack” was written in 1852) for the modern realities of life in the United States — they say look, they are there to rot!

In later ages of the people is also not lagging behind in magazines and Newspapers was necessarily column-style “and they”, where it is told about the insidious plans of the U.S. imperialists to seize the Soviet Union and deprive workers of their free Khrushchev with carpets and sideboards, and also engaged in the search for and eradication of “Americanisms” in current Soviet life — like the desire to live in a normal apartment and get dressed in normal clothes.

About doing the same and many ugly shovels transfer like “the International panorama” where two or three experts spent hours chewing over life in America and came to unconditional and unequivocal conclusion that America is on the verge of collapse (in fact collapsed as a result of the Soviet Union).

Как в СССР учили ненавидеть Америку

The most important point in all this — in the Soviet Union never directly compared the standard of living of the American and Soviet working — as this immediately brought the Soviet Pizzaballa to clean water. In order to compare the standard of living directly, began to invent all sorts of pseudocategories, such as the number of sheets of rolled steel per capita, or number of harvested grain in a particular farm — bringing under insights that it is here that we are just the USA surpass, so he is the key to victory over the Pindos. Scoops does not disclose and why of the scoop, people eager to escape and need an exit visa and in USA Vice versa all want to come here, the Soviet Pizzaballa was powerless, and propagandists pretend that this topic does not exist.

To summarize this section, it is necessary to say that the Soviet propaganda was usually carried out the most stupid, and smart, and treated her with condescending sarcasm. As a result, after the collapse of the scoop smart started his own business and began to live much better than the scoop and stupid and remains stupid.

The memory of the ungrateful. The echo of Stalinism.

In the last section you need to say more about two important things. Despite all the horrible things in the USSR, spoke, wrote and thought about America — this country only for the past 120 years, four saved Russia from starvation, in literally saving the lives of millions of its citizens. Probably no country helped Russia and the Soviet Union as much as America did — and earned only ingratitude scoops.

And the second point is, in fact, the beginning of anti-American propaganda — the active phase of its beginning can be considered Stalin’s plan from 01.03.1949 year in which there was said about the measures that need to be taken in terms of propaganda against the United States — “to organize in well-known Newspapers of the systematic printing of materials, “exposing the aggressive plans of the American imperialists”, to show “the falsity of bourgeois democracy”, “the insanity of the mores of America and its bourgeois culture.” Special emphasis was asked to do the same on the topics “the Degeneration of culture in USA, Low quality of health care in the United States,” “the Crisis of education in the United States”, “Science in the service of American monopolies,” “the Decay of cinema of the United States”, “crime in the United States” and “selling the American press”.

If you look around you will see that this Stalinist instruction is implemented so faronly for a short time in the early nineties she was suspended, but then earned again…

Such cases.

Write in the comments what you think about all this, I wonder.


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