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As in the Leningrad Association of Welders darkened shrines

Как в Ленинградской Ассоциации Сварщиков померкли святыни

In those days, companies were allowed to be called only state institutions. From the word co-op carried a discredited farm, and the terms firm or, slash, the company for the Soviet people was tainted by the enemy of the Western bourgeois. And here the government came up with in ‘ 86 trial puny “Law on individual labor activity”, shyly emphasizing that they will, of course, to use only the disabled, pensioners and students. Here were the clumsy notion of “Center of scientific-technical creativity of youth” (TSNTTM), most likely intended for legalization of have seen the Western world Komsomol speculators – detushek capital of the party elite who are already from College smell any shovels a mile away were not transferred. The practice of executions for currency transactions, I slowly began to be lifted everywhere engaged valueamerica, and in the end left even the law that legalizes this activity. The requirement of the peoplepoprizhat private owners” somehow stopped westergate power. Urban folklore has been enriched with pearl: “Strike while the iron is Gorbachev!”.

Appeared tolerable beer without having to queue (!!!), lemonade with foreign labels in Mylar containers, and, though of questionable quality, but since bottles very European drinking alcohol “Royal“. The guys, mostly close to the Authoritiesgot an opportunity for a few trips abroad to put together start-up capital. The competition was not great – foreign abroad is not really allowed. Some sages predicted: “Again, Moscow will devour all”. But it became clear fairly quickly that this is not true: for business proximity to power is not the only, and not the most important quality (after fifteen years it turned out that among proizrosshaya during this time, the Russian billionaires-tycoons only 20% of immigrants from the capital).

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Even in Leningrad applied science began to appear the opportunity to work directly for the customer without the stranglehold of the local bureaucracy and restrained genelogic. Under pressure especially intensified by the time of poverty, the most active eterovi whole life working nostril to nostril in the socialist system developers, suddenly here and there started trying to touch to taste a favorite of Amateur Commerce. Promptly entered into contracts with the factories, sometimes on a fairly knowledge-intensive work, typical of the age of our “creative youth” of that time was 35…50 years. And, for me and colleagues can be the most important was the struggle with my own belief in the sinfulness of any private enterprise.

And here is the way in our Institute of electric Welding Equipment suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, appeared “the Leningrad Association of welders”. Under its roof specialists in the bypass officials can directly solve the small problem of welding equipment scattered around the country factories. I quickly joined it and proudly pinned to the jacket cute badge “three letters”: LAS.

And here I’m going somewhere for a plant of welding equipment in Pervouralsk-Novoutkinsk, with quality assurance of their manufactured products. And there, as always, a whole bunch of unresolved technical problems. For example, it is necessary to prepare the electrical circuit under previously proposed the invention of the automatic control system of welding equipment, or to reject the stators of motors with marriage as a separate short-circuited turns before the rotor Assembly (desired method and test stand), or to develop the best electronic adjustment instead of contact-mechanical in some serial installations, etc.

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And that’s all that I famously do, for example, during the year, and in the framework of the agreement between LAS and the plant for an amount many times less than it did previously, the Institute with its inconceivably huge overhead. Of such contracts was a decent amount, and an amount far greater than the Institute’s salary. A number of works has been extremely busy, and I have done them in cooperation with other qualified professionals, and often just close friends. LAS for the roof took a little, so I would, hedging, agreed to unfasten and the Institute, but the scale of his ambitions for me were overwhelming. In addition, it was found that the participation of the Institute in these works was limited to its patent Department, for which co-authorship in patent applications with the management of third-party plants was a matter of habit and not counted as sin.

By abstract reasoning and trial and error, I gradually learned to understand that money can not only to lunch or ride the tram, but also, for example, to buy some necessary for the contractual work a piece of iron, but for quick calculations it is necessary to constantly have in my purse a stack of bills many times thicker than accustomed to. Socialist darkened shrines – pay and stash.

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