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As Elena Sparrow has experienced a severe divorce

Как Елена Воробей пережила тяжелейший разводAmbulance, medicines and psychosis – the actress told her what it was worth.

Always cheerful paradisica Elena Sparrow, which can make the whole stadium, was not as happy in life as on stage. Artist all over the country spoke about their tragedies and setbacks in his personal life.

Elena Sparrow 50 years. She was married twice, but neither marriage did not end happily. The first husband cheated on Elena, but the woman got over myself and was able to forgive him. Unfortunately, the marriage still fell apart — the husband went from artist to another woman. Elena grieved at this parting. She quit her job and began to abuse alcohol. At some point, a woman even stopped to understand where she is and what year it is.

“It was very hard. Was “emergency” came to me. A lot of times. From psychosis and constant nervous exhaustion, I had serious attacks — spasms of the blood vessels. I thought I was dying. I barely crawled to the door to call next door and ask them to call an ambulance. I didn’t realize where I was, what year”, — frankly said Elena Boris Korchevnikov in the program “the Destiny of man”.

Fortunately, friends of the artist helped her to get out of depression. And after some time, the Sparrow met with businessman Igor from Saint-Petersburg. Love relationships have evolved rapidly, and soon the couple married.

Married to second husband Elena was born the only daughter — Sonia. But the happiness lasted not for long: the man was gone from artist to another woman.

His new family had children. Many years later, had a little mishap: Igor fell from the second floor. Male half were in intensive care, and Elena, having learned about the misfortune, had not left him. Alas, in 2016, the men did not. In the same year of life left and Mama Elena Sparrow. Speaking about the tragedies, the actress is barely holding back tears. Now Elena Sparrow not married. In difficult moments, supports her friend Vladimir Vinokur. In the program the actor wished Elena to finally meet your true love.

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