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As corruption in Belarus became part of the public administration system

Как коррупция в Беларуси стала частью системы госуправления

We are so accustomed to measure the level of corruption, to compare it with the Russian and complacent that somehow did not notice, as she was part of the whole system. Russia is not even to keep up.

I wonder how Belarusian officials do not respect the President. The head of state almost every day talking about the economy, demanding not to spend any extra ruble from the budget. The President travels in Russia, asks for some payment of the “tax maneuver”, the Belarusian budget is not blown away, and officials are still uneasy.

In recent journalistic investigation, published “Diary”, I called the chief transfusiologist of Minsk to ask one question: Why the starting price of procurement systems for the phototreatment and storage of single doses of plasma to the apparatus Macotronic, January 28, 10 times higher and 4 times higher than it buys from Russia. The answer shocked even me, but he’s subsequently, after the comprehension of how the whole system works, was for me a revelation.

The head of the City blood transfusion center, said that he had recorded my call to the recorder and transfer the recording to the relevant authorities, so they understand why the journalist asked such questions. It turns out that for a public official who spends budget money, our money, it’s okay to buy products at a price 5 to 10 times more real and the fact that a journalist interested in this issue – it is an occasion for the intervention of the relevant authorities. That and nothing else. To buy at exorbitant prices, but you can be interested in this – don’t. And then that will be planted for curiosity, for wanting to know how our money is spent? Corruption is so deeply registered in the system gosupravlenie that actually turned inside out its essence.

A specific example. Ask the representative of one vendor, Ministry of health, why in all the nine lots, where he won, the auction was attended by only two companies: the company and the company of her son? And everywhere the move was only one in the amount of 0.1%, and the company of the son did not make any bets.

“He is not talking about the contractual tender?”, – I ask a direct question.

“But it all work” – he surprised the woman, not knowing what they want from it.

At first I thought she was laughing, but no, he spoke and wondered sincerely. And she’s not the only one. That’s because “all that work” publication of any journalistic investigation on this topic is perceived as the order of competitors. Heroes of publications and even officials are genuinely surprised and don’t understand why the press is prepared and published what they want. After all, such a system. Well publish the next exposure, and then what?

All who work in the system understand that it will only lead to the fact that instead of one company, comes another or two others, but nothing will change. To our horror, it really is.

For example, during the recent operations of security forces against corrupt officials of the Ministry of health was abolished the activity of commercial structures, which had a significant market share of of medical purchases. The company sold at prices 10 times more expensive, the budget were paid and, most importantly, no one else in her sphere of activity to drive a wedge could not to bring down the price.

Like the company was eliminated from the procurement officials planted, but the security forces themselves admit: nothing has changed. Instead of one company there were three (just like the mythical Hydra instead of one of the severed head grew up not even two, but three heads). Everyone knows that three new heads, which took the place of the former, are the same people who work on the same lines, but nobody can not do anything. Because the head is still smarter and become deeply penetrated into the system.

In another case security forces without initiating a criminal case has been able to achieve despite the resistance of corrupt officials to procurement failed to get other companies and half to bring down the price. The contract with the winner signed, the budget was to save a lot of money, but… Having corrupt ties not only with Belarusian officials and regional managers of the manufacturer, the head of the Hydra to ensure that the manufacturer, under various pretexts, refused to sell to the winner the goods. In the end, the purchase of torn, and again, already out the winner of the traditional head of the Hydra with a traditional price.

Or another, directly opposite to the scheme. The head of the Hydra knows that the purchase wants to get the competitor price is several times lower. She brings to the contest a new fictitious participant, which knocks down the price even lower, to the unreal, wins the tender, but when it comes to signing the contract, refuses to do so. In the end, the tender was again thwarted.

Such schemes and the security forces admit that they are powerless against them. So the problem is not in individual heads, and the Hydra, in the government, which it was. It is already widely understood.

How to win the mythical Hydra, known to all. The question is how all this became possible.

Dealing with the issue of corruption for many years, I have come to believe that corruption is a fixture in the Belarusian system after Belarus introduced a centralized system of public procurement. All these “Belmedtechnika” and other similar structure at some stage helped to curb corruption, but then, on the contrary, helped it to register in the Belarusian system of public administration.

In Russia, if some kind of medical facility you need to buy something, it goes to a centralized location, a tender and buys. Even if here and there is corruption, but it is private, not systemic. The company will give the rollback to the representative of medical institution and this will all end. And the purchase price in this case will increase only slightly, because to give the rollback need, basically, only one person who is responsible for procurement.

In Belarus it’s different. If the health facility you need to buy something, it goes to the “Belmedtehnika”, which accords including the price. Created the tender Commission, where more than a dozen people. And they all understand how much it costs to market a particular product. So to be corruption purchase, you need to either pay all or force them to do what you need. Better pay, then to not squeal where it is not necessary. As a result, in corruption are mixed in everything: the Deputy Minister, and representatives of the “Belmedtehnika”, and the representatives of the Centre for examinations and tests in health service, and representatives of the hospitals, and all other persons. So when the KGB arrested Deputy Director of the unitary enterprise “Belmedtehnika”, head TSEIZ, the doctors in the hospitals, it did not change anything. Instead of severed heads appeared new and the system operates as before. And not only that, in “Belmedtehnika” take, take TSEIZ, the Ministry of health take, we give them more and salary pay. Yes, pay them the money for it! And why are they needed? Why the hospital itself can not perform online prices (it takes a couple of hours, even if they come to a perfect novice in the subject) itself to be purchased? Why do we need this army of officials? Why pay them money for something that they had the opportunity to take bribes and to buy much more expensive? This doesn’t even make sense. And now a kind of system security in the Ministry of health… They also have to pay? How many are possible on one and same rake attack*

Therefore, if considered investigative journalism from the position shift of the individual players in the system – this really makes no sense. But if to speak about the change of the system, the savings of budgetary funds with the purpose of fulfilling instructions of the President, this makes a lot of sense.

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