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As business guru has turned into “info-Gypsy”

Как бизнес гуру превратились в «инфо-цыган»

In the early 2000s, various consultants, business in Russia was in great demand, looked upon them with reverence. By 2010, this ratio remained only to the elect. Then came the BM. Today “business coach” is steadily moving towards becoming a dirty word.

Time changes many things. More often changing their attitude towards something. When Moscow opened the first McDonald’s, it was the place where I wanted to go all the most fashionable people of the time. Today it is not exotic, but rather the eatery, which many people do in addition to take coffee won’t.

20 years ago, when the new and actively moving on the way of wild capitalism in Russia came the first serious crisis, businessmen realized that I need to learn something and began to go on trainings. And then gave preference to foreign consultants, because in the West the business has existed for a long time and “there’s something people experienced and knowledgeable”! In fact, if we ignore the blatant bred and Amateurs, this statement was pretty fair. Because in Russia to do business, then virtually no one knew how.

But by 2008, our business began to understand, “not everyone is a guru who speaks English.” Moreover, began to pay attention to Russian speakers. Especially interested in people with real companies in Russia, who already knew some basic business principles, and could tell you about the value of tricky words “margin”, “profit”, “gross income”. There was a need in specific cases of Russian businessmen and the experience to overcome our local problems and challenges.

During the crisis of 2008, I worked at a large consulting company, is selling seminars and workshops from $1,000 to $7,000. Not to say that there was a queue of those wishing to carry money, and it only remained to write it on services. But the market was, and serious businessmen were willing to give quite serious at the time, the money for the consulting. And I’m not talking about advice like “You need to sell better and to communicate more with customers! And buy my book on motivation,” but a real and serious consulting, which helped someone to cope with the difficulties and even to increase profit several times during the year.

So, although the demand for consulting services was already an unpleasant bells for real market players. Major was a frequent phrase from clients, who were invited to the seminars of the company along the following lines: “I’m different seminars have already spent a lot of money, but it was no use”. In some cases, blame the interviewee, who went to a seminar a long three hours for new knowledge, and for the magic wand that will instantly solve all his problems, including laziness and unwillingness to understand Finance (and perhaps the transformation of his wife in the top model, who knows…). But the whole problem was, of course, in the other.

After hearing that seminars do not work, we decided to see who carries them out.

What I will write next, is irrelevant to the competition or the desire to justify himself. Their competitors we knew, and the state of the market was such that it was possible to launch another five times that of competitors, and nobody would starve. And besides, I have 10 years working in that company. To be justified simply for that — during the crisis in 2008 when people could not normally make payments and were in debt, we were doing a turnover of $300 000 — $400 000 a month, a team of four salesmen, three managers and four, providing consulting employees. That is not misery, and felt quite confident.

So, looking at it, who conducts seminars in the field, we were horrified. As I said, the competitors — that is, people who had the knowledge and skills consultancy, whose services were given the same as we have the result (or even better), we all knew. But then I decided to look closely at the other players in the market. And the most harmless of them were MBA courses. No, not the MBA, a degree in which you have to have a College education and where you will be serious and long lasting to learn the device business, history, different economic models and so on. But just courses that have the same relationship to the sign as theater courses at GITIS diploma of this University. That is — no.

But then began the absolute darkness and pain. And, in my opinion, it is those three categories which I will describe below, led to all further reputational problems of the profession of business coach and business consultant.

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1. Frank crooks

Even a single day did not work, but create their own cool website, where they are almost any the main universe guru business, collect money for the seminars and tell it outright nonsense with a straight face. Then leave the stage and rush to the next city. Benefit from them no, because they frankly know nothing, and the tips don’t even proofread the books, and, most often, seen them in movies.

2. Psychologists

No, if the person with psychological education worked, and despite all the nonsense contained in modern psychology, was able to achieve some results in a specific business. If he was, for example, the chief of staff and brought the performance of the average employee at a higher level (and measured just the income of the organization divided by the number of employees), should share experience.

But no. It’s just a “certified experts” who have no positive experience in business management, having worked, at best, in the personnel Department. They will not be able clearly and distinctly to answer two simple questions: “What was your product of the company?”, “What are the problems you can see?”. But they tell you how to manage staff on the basis of study of the works of various psychologists, who often have opposite points of view on the same issues.

Again, if a person received a psychology degree, then went and got the actual experience, this experience is successful, he can confirm, no problems! Should share my experience with others. Here, he recounts the fact that (as experience shows) are poorly understood in the writings of people who plainly did not understand, but he recorded more than 3000 manifestations of different emotions in the “mental disorders” and “psychological complexes.” As this should help you to manage specific business?! That’s right, nothing.

3. “Motivators”

These “career coaches” don’t know anything about business, and you won’t say anything. But spend your money and time in the story that “You must believe in yourself, You should visualize your goals and you will succeed!” This is actually the most dangerous from the point of view of competition people. Not because they have a result, and because they sell “magic pill”, and such will always have a place. It’s much more tempting to go for $500 to someone who will make you a millionaire, than to pay $5000 for that you first poked your nose in your mistakes, then forced to fix them, and then another, and taught how to avoid them.

Actually these guys there is nothing wrong. In General, this category bears no real harm to the business from which they take money. They give impetus to the movement that motivates people to develop and strive for more. It is bad? No. Moreover — for some people it works, and they can just due to emotional recovery to make a breakthrough that will change their lives or just bring the business to a new level.

And here, alas, “Business youth” really played havoc with the market. Before that, here are the “motivators” worked either for little money or revolved around a network of companies that are their most fertile and grateful soil. Will come kind of person, read the sellers out of someone’s branch seminar “you have to believe in yourself”, and if fifty were present, at least five will start to work more actively, the whole group will go up in sales. The leader is happy, much too happy (they have the same this month 30 000 rubles income, and all 50,000!). And the speaker, it turns out, is also well done.

But then came the “Business Youth”, and elicited the story of motivation to another level. The one where it no longer plays a decisive role. Because when you say a person with a valid business (not a startup), “let’s instead of 100 000 net profit will reach 1 million”, then one “Hey, uhnem!” are not enough. Here it is necessary to know the laws of business, rules of personnel management and be able to deal with specific crises in specific business.

Otherwise you will not be able to build a working is, establish the work of suppliers and contractors, to cope with the dissatisfaction of employees with the attack of competitors. And when it comes to taxes, and would prefer to close the business. Because unlike a consultant, not every business can operate “on simplified taxation”, and when you do, for example, a retail business, you still have the cost of the purchase, sorting, storage and so on.

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Do not think that I am trying to stigmatize BM. First: there are different people, including those who have real experience in real business and they could share. Second: actually BM, it’s just a platform where active and energetic people share their some ideas, thoughts and experiences that helped them. If you fit in there just from the point of view of “the thoughts of this man. OK, listen”, all super! By the way, what the guys are really experts, and what they should learn, so it is in advertising and marketing.

But it is not consulting on business management. And that’s the difference. Wrong positioning of BM mixed them with consultants in business management, where they, of course, ridiculed. The truth is, laughing not long, because this positioning has undermined the credibility of the business consultants in principle.

The problem is that BM showed that the seminars can earn good money. And crowds of people from the first category (scammers) rushed there, calling himself the buzzword “info-business”. Created a lot of precedents, when they are rightly stigmatized, then the stamp was moved to the entire area as a whole.


The crisis of confidence in business coaches can be observed on the example of the hysteria that occurred around Dmitry Portnyagina and ground his revelations. Looking at the channels of the guys who exposed you can find a lot of material and “revelations” a variety of business coaches. And if sometimes it is really an outright fraud, then quite often, all disclosure is based on the fact that “he teaches people, look, this is his main source of income!”, “he wouldn’t throw a normal business, for the sake of reading seminars!”.

And then I want to ask — what’s wrong with that? No, seriously. If those who so actively shout about it, had its own successful experience in business, they would know that the best business coaches at some point just got bored and cramped in your business. They had money, they have organized production, and got bored. And to share their successful experience with others and to see people because of you do their is always something unique challenges is always interesting.

And pretty silly to say that the proceeds from the classic business is higher than revenue for consulting and seminars. If you are SEO or one of the top leaders of one of the 200 largest corporations on the planet, then you don’t get some ridiculous sum of money. Even if you are a shareholder or owner (by the way, corporations are practically no one of the owner) of big business, you would hardly get any unrealistic billions. While there is always the risk of changes in market, competition and other things.

I know serious business men who just out of boredom sold the business, invested in commercial real estate and went to do network marketing. Just because there is fun. And I’m talking about the big businessmen who were able to buy up the half of commercial real estate in the city to bring the most “passive income,” and went on to play in the network business. By the way, they also earn good money. Not because “great marketing plan”, but because they know how to work and earn.

Now, with the same motivation people sometimes go to train business. It’s fun. This is interesting. And Yes, it is profitable. It brings money, brings them in good volume and fairly stable, if you have something to say.

Not so important, do you share your personal experience in business, or you really have become an expert with a degree in MBA or understanding of administrative technology of L. Ron Hubbard, and unable to withdraw from the crisis almost any organization. If you have something to say and people will help — great. Moreover, in the first place will be great for you. Including financially. Because if you know how to organize a business, you are organizing and consulting company that will sell you.

So let’s not engage in a witch hunt, but we just look at the presence or lack of results from business advisors and base your opinion based on what he saw. Because it is an important profession, which, in essence, is the development of the teaching profession.



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