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As a result of explosions in Balakleya damaged more than two dozen buildings

В результате взрывов в Балаклее повреждены более двух десятков зданий70% of the population have already returned home.

On the territory of a military Arsenal in Balakleya Kharkov region already counted 23 damaged buildings, residential and social services.

This was reported by “radio Liberty”, citing the head of the Kharkiv regional state administration Yulia Svetlichnaya.

Their number is expected to rise once rescuers are able to examine other parts of the city, near the warehouses. Now they are unavailable because of the danger.

The nature of the damage surveyed different buildings, and in the area, which is not yet available for the survey is estimated as significant, said Svetlichnaya.

We will remind, explosions in Balakleya continue: one person was killed and two wounded.

As you know, the night of March 23 in the Balakleya district of the Kharkiv region, a fire broke out in warehouses of ammunition, explosives began to detonate. Organized the evacuation of residents from a 7-km zone of the lesion (later it was expanded to 10 km). SBU has described the incident as sabotage, witnesses heard the roar of some aircraft and watched as he threw something to the warehouse.

Some time a fire could not be put out due to the fact that detonated the shells. As of the evening of March 24 it is reported that at the place of work of group of mine clearing on the territory of the aresenal several pieces of military equipment do the final localization of the affected fire areas. Meanwhile, the entry into the territory of Blakley opened, 70% of the population have already returned home.

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