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As a few days of summer to throw the extra kilos

Как за несколько дней лета скинуть лишние килоWorking tips that helped to get you into shape.

If you get 3 days to sit on some plums and plum juice, you get a flat belly and good health.

It plum detox cleans the digestive tract and allows you to lose weight in 3 days to 3 kg. Plums help cleanse the intestines of toxins, accumulated problems. Also, plums have the useful property that rid the body of cholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer. During weight loss allowed to consume 1-2 pounds of plums during the day. Delhi is the number drain on 6 servings.

Important! Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids, because plum has a laxative effect, the body can easily get dehydrated. Drink prune juice, mineral water and green tea without sugar. On the website of Our mother you will always find interesting and useful news for moms and children.

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