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Artificial intelligence STEM from the “Upgrade” was voiced by famous Russian blogger

Less than a month, the Russian cinema will come “Upgrade” – nice fiction Thriller from the screenwriter of “Saw” and “Insidious” If Mannella. And while familiar to fans of genre cinema fit the distributor the Exhibitor continues to entertain us with a little localized promo. For example, we have already seen, some posters will decorate the domestic cinemas.

The film tells the story of how

In the near future, technology and control all the processes of human life. Technophobe when gray loses the attack the gang of thugs wife, and finds himself paralyzed, his only hope for revenge is becoming the latest scientific development. Experimental implant STEM not only puts gray on his feet, but gives it a modern cyber-brain and superhuman powers.

The latest news is a little unexpected. As it turned out, the voice of artificial intelligence in the dubbed version became a popular blogger Daniel Cross. That’s what he said about the work done:

The voice of artificial intelligence “TEMS” in “Upgrade” I was really serious. In order to get into the role, I spoke exclusively with voice assistants and listened to the voice from the Navigator. Had to abandon all human needs, and in order to feel like a robot without any interruption for a few weeks watching TV. What did not make for a good movie. Well, I coped with the task – decide for yourself in theaters!

As reported by the Exponent, the Cross necessarily will take part in the PR activities of the ribbon, where you can meet members and other interested parties.

“Upgrade” will be released on 22 November 2018.

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