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Artificial intelligence is out of control in the game

Искусственный интеллект вышел из-под контроля в игреIn EVE Online there was an unusual situation.

Artificial intelligence scare us in movies, books and games, but in the real world, AI does not cause the described mass culture disasters. However, recently in EVE Online was an unusual situation: artificial intelligence got out of control developers and staged a battle for life and death.

Almost two years ago we wrote about the fact that players in EVE Online will be able to help in the search for real exoplanets, but now the project may bear fruit to mankind in the study of behaviour of artificial intelligence. It just so happened that in space MMORPG non-player characters (NPC) secretly began to wage a war for control over territories. About it to a certain point did not know of any CCP Games nor users.

In November 2017, CCP Games has released an update, which expanded the capabilities of the NPCs. For example, they can call in reinforcements, to adapt to the political conditions of the universe, to behave more wisely in battle. Then in safe sectors (or “hasakah” as they are called players for the highest safety rating) began to appear in pirate bases. In one of these sectors also settled NPC miners that mined resources from the asteroid belt, and, of course, are the target of a NPC faction pirates “blood raiders”.

The miners could not cope with the threat themselves, so called on the help of NPC-fleet Amarr Empire, but she sent them just a little back (probably, considering that it is not necessary to lose ships in “heisuke” demo), which also failed. The pirates almost captured the territory and its resources, when all of a sudden in the sector there is another faction – the Wanderers. Was this a coincidence, or artificial intelligence responded to the actions of their comrades in mind, is unknown. Suddenly, in the profit sector Wanderers to scan the asteroids and the ships in the system for further action. Electronic poraskinuv brains, the pirates and Navy Amarr decided to unite against a common enemy. Between the two sides occurred a full-scale battle. It was won by the pirates. After the Amarr defeated the Wanderers, “Bloody raiders,” attacked their former allies.

The battle became known quite by accident – from the log of deaths for NPC-ships. Unfortunately, none of the people did not find. CCP Games is now investigating the situation and intend to learn more about the actions and risks of an unmanaged artificial intelligence.

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