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Artificial intelligence has discovered 72 “signal aliens”

Искусственный интеллект обнаружил 72 «сигнала инопланетян»Fast radio bursts were registered at a distance of three billion light years from Earth.

Scientists who participate in project Breakthrough Listen, using the method of machine learning analyzed the signals from an unknown distant source. As a result, artificial intelligence has managed to identify 72 quick burst, which previously was considered an “alien signals”.

Artificial intelligence has processed the array data of size 400 terabytes received from a radio telescope “green Bank” in West Virginia (USA) during the five-hour observations on 26 August 2017. Previously this information had already been processed by standard computer algorithms that were able to detect 21 the burst. Machine learning methods have significantly improved the treatment result, further identifying another 72 signal.

A group of scientists who worked on the algorithm that is used the methods used and IT companies to optimize search results and image classification.

For the first time a fast radio bursts (Fast Radio Bursts, FRB) was seen in 2007, however the recognized explanation, they have not received so far. Unknown and their origin: it may be situated in our Galaxy and beyond, and even on the Ground, creating technical devices.

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