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Art-hit “Zoology” leaves in the Russian hire following a string of festival triumphs

Ivan I. Tverdovsky became famous for his provocations in the Cinematography. His heroine quietly washed dishes in the morning after a group of drunken rape and bathed in the baptismal hole, gathering courage for the deprivation of innocence with a partner on the show. Then chairbound girl in the “Class of correction” was cured after the General betrayal. And this year, Tverdovsky introduced the world to a new character – the employee of the zoo, which suddenly grew a tail. Less than six months, the film ‘Zoology’ received several dozen awards at festivals around the world, and now, when he goes to rent, the degree of expectation is very high. From 24th November picture can be seen at 60.

Art-hit “Zoology” leaves in the Russian hire following a string of festival triumphs

It is noteworthy that the film invoked a different reaction in Russia and abroad. We have a story about how hard it is to be stubby tailed in the society in General, is lived by the public as an existential drama, near and dear to every thinking person. And for Europeans it is an intelligent black Comedy, the audience, accustomed to the humor of Ulrich Seidl’s and Roy Andersson, with pleasure laughing at the misadventures of a notorious character. Even her strange affair with the doctor, apparently indifferent to the tail, in the trend of modern European cinema is perceived not only as something quite natural, but also very funny. And the Russian spectators on the cry of love quite seriously. Anyway, the film is like there, and there is, therefore, in addition to Russia, it has already been sold to several territories, including USA, Canada and the UK.

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Trailer for “Zoology”

For Natalia Pavlenkova this film role, as she argues, became important in life. She doesn’t just need to walk across the screen with a tail (he was a mechanical and not a computer, and equipment before the shooting took several hours every day), it was necessary to play a woman who suddenly began to live, as if after a long slumber. Who loves you like I’ve never loved before and didn’t like no one before her, because no one grew a tail, and she rose. The tragic and tragicomic character with a smile of Cabiria, and her own desire to change your life for the better.

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The largest foreign kinondoni publish enthusiastic reviews of “Zoology”. Russian critics have also recognized a new job Tverdovsky an outstanding film. Now it will be able to see and Russian audiences.

Review of the film can be read here.

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