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Arrogant cat, “block” escalator, became the hero Network

Наглый кот, «заблокировавший» эскалатор, стал героем СетиCat spit on others.

Social media users were delighted from the arrogant cat that lay in front of the escalator in Istanbul, and people only by a miracle had not come.

Video animals published by the group Aww Station in Facebook.

In two days it was viewed over 2.3 million times.

In the comments users compare each other’s and their own pupils with the hero of the video. In addition, many shared his opinion about cat behavior and people who have decided not to disturb him.

“No one pushed the cat, despite the fact that everyone was uncomfortable, because everyone knows that cats will not leave the place if you don’t want this,” writes Lin Boyee.

“Maybe they should build an escalator where the cat is sitting?”, writes Kelsey Scenk.

“That’s why I love cats,” writes Belle Lee.

“Boss, ha-ha-ha,” writes Arabella Gordon.

“Public culture and the damn cat-anarchist in one video,” writes Joe Escajeda.

“Sit where you like,” writes Eliana Nina Buonaiuto.

“My totem animal,” writes Amy Wong.

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