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Arrange the hellish carnage in DOOM VFR

Last year, the Studio id Software have made a real gift to lovers of lethal shooters, reviving the classic “DOOM” in the most worthy of this glorious series. The game was frantic, driving, bloody, and awesome. But someone this (as well as couple official add-ons) is not enough. Developers, however, such queries do not take offense, and boldly say: “Add!”.

And here’s to our monitors selected new incarnation of favorite shooting – in June, we have already seen the trailer for”DOOM VFR”, and now one eye look for the new gameplay video with commentary from the creators. By the way, got the name of the letter F clearly alludes to the same interpretation as the most powerful weapon BFG – the fans will understand. The embodiment of the infernal world in virtual reality will add a new location and promises no less the intensity of the adrenaline than in the original version. So if you thought about buying a VR helmet, then you have another strong argument. “DOOM VFR” will support platform PlayStation and HTC Vive VR.

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