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Around the Sun noticed a giant UFO

Около Солнца заметили гигантский НЛО The dimensions of the object exceed the diameter of our planet.

Outset that the appearance of strange objects near the Sun is considerable skepticism even among those who believe in UFOs and aliens. And justified this rejection on the simple fact that these objects are unimaginably huge sizes, sometimes far surpassing our planet.

Such a huge object discovered near our star, and this UFO are not like the natural flare of the Sun (there are “solar “UFO and does incredible). But what is it then?

On the one hand, the outer body of an obviously artificial origin, on the other – its size is just amazing. But remember the assumption now deceased theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who believed that, quite possibly, the aliens are so filled with energy, and to do this, as they say, in passing, passing by our sun in its Affairs.

However, the skeptics are completely different opinions, many of them believe that the aliens can only be commensurate with us humanoids, and biological beings. It is clear that these aliens just can’t fly some giant “gas stations” to the Sun.

And in this case, who is right? However, the most pragmatic users of the Internet generally believed that there are no UFOs do not exist, but because of the artificial objects near the Sun, the Earth ( and even more), generally say no.

Maybe they’re right – not worth it, because the truth in this case anyway, to get will not succeed. Maybe it’s still worth?..

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