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Around the “smart bracelets” Samsung broke the scandal

Вокруг "умных браслетов" Samsung разгорелся громкий скандал“Smart bracelets” leave burns on the hands of users.

The owners of “smart” bracelet Samsung Gear Fit2 complained about the device. According to them, the bracelets leave burns and scars on his hands. The device was created in order to help you better manage your health, but in practice it turned out differently.

Sale smart-bracelet Samsung Gear Fit2 started last year. The product is designed to make sport more effective and fun. As conceived by the manufacturer, the gadget will allow its owner to a more thorough approach to your fitness training: a device equipped with GPS module and sensor for heart rate measurements for tracking any activity.

However, judging by the massive complaints of customers, the South Korean smart watches are more harm than good. According to one of the owners of the gadget, first on his hand formed a red spot, then there was a blister, then it burst and covered with scabs. Most of the claims have been sent to the manufacturer, and is also published on the official forum Samsung and social networks. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

People believe that the wearable device is overheating. Some experts say that it is “OK” as a person can be allergic reaction, or it is “in contact with the water.”

However, the exact cause remains unknown, as Samsung itself remains silent. Employees of the company refuse to comment. The investigation is expected to start in the case of mass complaints. Now about 100 people said about burns.

Analysts tend to believe that in Seoul hold a pause, so as not to impair the expectations of the sales of the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

Likely that reports of burns in the media headlines will be extremely unpleasant for Samsung. The manufacturer hopes that the new device will help to overcome the consequences of the unsuccessful launch of the Galaxy Note 7, sales of which began in August of 2016.

Their problem was spontaneous combustion.

Вокруг "умных браслетов" Samsung разгорелся громкий скандал

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