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Around the school in the river was a scandal. Video

Вокруг школы в Днепре разгорелся скандал. ВидеоIn one of the schools of the Dnieper cold children.

In the river the heating season started not for everyone. Pupils of school №82 due to the lack of heat in the classroom has to sit in sweaters and jackets.

Parents of pupils at the school are outraged and concerned that the heating is still not launched. However, there is no information when run for the heat. The institution does not comment the situation.

The father of second-grader Alexander says that the school has its own boiler, which until then had always provided heat, but it does not work. In the yard dug a pit, ostensibly for heat networks. But it still does not lay pipe.

A month and a half ago, dug up now only put plates and no more work was carried out. When it’s warm? Well, judging by what I see, the heat will not be soon. Now winter begins, the cold – how do children learn? It will be again a vacation we will or plans to pharmacies on drugs to perform? – said Alexander, the father of a school student.

Tatiana, the mother of a student, 82 schools, said that the Director promised to disband the classes, where parents Express their dissatisfaction with the situation.

Or rather, not promised, she priestely tone said that disbanded a class of those who are dissatisfied with the lack of heat. Disbanded at the other schools kids. Although we are very uncomfortable. I didn’t sign up to ride on transportation to another school. I like this, – said Tatiana.

Now the temperature in the classrooms is 16-17 degrees. To improve the situation as long as I put the heaters. According to Olga Grigoryan, the Director of the school, heating should be expected in the near future. The school must connect to the Central network. And the school boiler to run anymore, because it is outdated and dangerous.

The work was carried out in the summer. Then changed the project. And now, as we see, is. We raise reserves. That is insulated, dress up and turn on the heaters. Waiting – note Olga Grigoryan.

The Director adds that the problem with the heat as there is also in the neighboring schools. The chief engineer of the municipal enterprise Komenergoservis Herman of Lykasov notes that heat networks of schools and kindergartens do not have time to recover after they were transferred to the balance of the city. This is the main reason for the delay of heating.

Took Foundation in a terrible state. Every gust is a leak. But moreover, it is even not the worst. The worst thing is that you have to stop all technological equipment on the line with this impulse. Now have to spend more than one hour to all communications put in order, – said Herman of Lykasov, the chief engineer of KP Komenergoservis.

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