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Around the representative of Ukraine at Eurovision scandal erupted. Video

Вокруг представителя Украины на "Евровидении" разгорается скандал. ВидеоThe group O. Torvald commented on paid votes on Eurovision song contest in 2017.

Ukrainian prankster Gregory Jablonica published online a video in which he talks with representatives of the group O. Torvald about the alleged bribe for votes cheating the spectators at the national selection of the Eurovision song contest-2017.

The corresponding video can be viewed on YouTube.

Prancer spoke to all the finalists of national selection, many denied. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

With this sentence he appealed to the leader of the popular Ukrainian group O. Torvald Galich Eugene.

“Well you are tomorrow. You need help. I can help you to audience the award was”, began to wag.

Galich did not realize that we are talking about cheat votes online. Thus Jablonica offered him $200 to cheat 7 thousand votes of the audience. Galich said that he was for fair play.

In the video this time you can watch from the 6th minute.

Note that after the national selection Galich spoke at the briefing with journalists. Naturally he was asked about a price markup of voices to which the artist began to laugh, saying that the group knew it was the culprit, and played up to him.

Jablonica also promised to share the full video of what was his conversation with the leader of O. Torvald, but has not yet done so.

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