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Around the Kiev school broke the scandal

Вокруг киевской школы разгорелся громкий скандалIn Kiev expelled students to study in the conditions.

From the “branch” of the Kiev school №296 in the kindergarten №809 on Poznyaky in the middle of a school year, expelled students in most high schools are unfit for learning.

About this on his page on the social network Facebook was written by the frontman of the project the Za Word the Word Roman Sulima.

“Officials started repairs in the premises, which, because of the catastrophic shortage of places in schools reserved for students in the nearby gardens. In particular, in the kindergarten №809 on Akhmatova, 5A, where the parents repair you have already done on their own. A neighbouring school of the arts are simply going to close. All this is happening with the epic lawlessness, solely in accordance with the oral order of high officials of regional scale. All parents on the provision of official orders of the KCSA, for which they prefer either verbally ignored. Just send them to the people and put before the fact that during the school year, namely spring break, which starts in a week, the premises must be vacated. And that’s all! Children of 2-3 classes recommended to move into the main room of the high school with the dead on his head and other parts of the body toilets and cigarette butts in bins”, – he wrote. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to Sulima, the basis for this “migration” is a program of the German government, which allocated a grant of 300 thousand euros for the renovation of each individual garden.

“With a good purpose kindergartens provide only preschoolers. And what do students, friends? What grant would take care of them? What kind of government? You relocated children aged 8-9 years in terrible conditions, and Bang our heads together with parents of preschoolers? This is your benefit? Poznyaky a huge number of gardens in which sits the Desk and pay the rent. Why are they not deported to the needs of the preschoolers in the first place? Why good business is done on the sly, without official orders of the city and at the expense of primary school pupils?” – he complains.

To compare Sulima published photos of the building of kindergarten №809, 4 class turned into a school (including interior and bathroom) and the room of school No. 296 proposed as alternatives to 9-year-old children.

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