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Around the “Eurovision-2017” opened up a new scandal. Video

Вокруг "Евровидения-2017" разгорелся новый скандал. ВидеоWith ONUKA still not designed for performance at the Eurovision song contest.

The organizers of the Eurovision song contest is still not fully settled with the Ukrainian electro-folk band ONUKA, who played as an invited guest in the final of the Eurovision song contest.

About this vocalist Natalia Zhizhchenko told in the see the Interviewer.

“I know that we are partly, in my opinion, for sound-producing and recording received, and the performance itself – there. This is a question for the Manager, but I know exactly what question our financial is not yet closed. Partially closed, partially no”.

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Also note that earlier Monatic that opened the Eurovision song contest, said that got nothing for performance, but paid his dancers.

The vocalist ONUKA commented on the scandal, when the broadcast of the Eurovision song contest, Ukrainian television during their speech allowed is that really angered people.

She says she learned from the organizers about the possibility of such a situation literally 10 minutes before the performance.

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However, she’s not mad at the organizers because he thinks that her performance looked on the Internet only more people outraged by this situation.

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