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Around the elections to the Moscow city Duma in the Kremlin saw the “orange classic”scenario

Вокруг выборов в Мосгордуму в Кремле увидели «классический оранжевый сценарий»

The presidential administration has seen in the actions of the opposition candidates in the Moscow city Duma “classic orange” scenario, which can spread to the regions. About this informed the TV channel “Rain” with reference to its sources.

After numerous protests on 20 July and calls to come July 27 in an unsanctioned rally at Moscow city hall authorities decided to use a “tougher tactics”. The result was investigated and raided.

According to interlocutors of “Rain”, the authorities strongly dislike the calls to rally at the buildings of election commissions. In the Kremlin, such action is perceived as a threat of direct force action on the organizers of elections.

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In the AP I think: “time for compromise has passed,” since approval of the action Sakharov and a meeting with Pamfilova did not suit the opposition. As interlocutors “Rain”, the situation around the elections in Moscow were discussed at meetings at the Federal level. Moreover, it has brought together different interest groups in power “against a common threat”.

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On 24 July, the investigative Committee in Moscow opened a criminal case against the “parties of one of the movements”, carried out protest actions and pickets at buildings of the Moscow election Committee in July. On the same day, in the apartments of opposition politicians were searched, and they themselves were called in for questioning. Alexei Navalny was arrested for 30 days for the calls to come to an unauthorized protest.

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