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Around rascals

Вокруг негодяи

According to some studies Russia is a country with one of the lowest levels of trust in the world. We in Russia do not trust each other and governments, and the state doesn’t trust us, and therefore we live much worse than they could.

Lack of trust increases transaction costs is critical, making it virtually any more or less complex activity is impossible. If you need to check all contractors, fear of loss (arrest) of funds in banks, to fear “masks-show” from the “siloviki” fear checks (and constantly prepare for them), then actually the creative work of time and strength remains.

We refuse lucrative offers of unfamiliar people, we hire first and foremost relatives, we don’t know how to organize the HOA. All those endless guards in the mass employ the usual medium-sized entrepreneurs, not the state.

We do it because “around the villains.” But in this case it should be recognized that “rascals” is a significant proportion of the population. The fact that we have little trust in others, there is a flip side that many of us do not behave in a credible way.

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