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Around Angelina Jolie broke the scandal

Вокруг Анджелины Джоли разгорелся громкий скандалActress adopted eldest son using forged documents.

Did not have time Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie to deal with the biological mother of her daughter Zahara, who sought a meeting with the child was the biological father of her eldest son, Maddox.

So, a man by the name Maun Sarath said that Maddox is his son, whom Jolie adopted illegally. 51-year-old Sarath, who is a representative of one of the charities in Cambodia, told the newspaper The Sun that Angelina faked the documents to get the baby.

The man gave proof of his kinship with the boy

“Maddox is still my son, but she never tried to understand this situation. I really want to see Cambodia never saw her again,” said Maun.

According to Sarata, at the time he filed the adoption papers for Maddox and received all the documents certifying that he was the adopted boy’s father. However, due to personal circumstances to take the baby out of the shelter immediately, he could not. And when I finally gathered the boy took Angelina.

Sarat decided not to compete with such a powerful personality as Jolie. He changed his mind after the star came this year with children in Cambodia. But after meeting Angie, the man was very disappointed in it. However, what exactly happened, Maun not tell. But admitted that he would prefer never to see Jolie.

Note that Lauryn Galindo the agent that handled the paperwork Jolie adoption, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for fraud. She helped American citizens adopt about 700 children, despite the fact that many of them were not orphans. Lauryn then admitted his guilt.

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