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Around a popular Russian singer scandal. Video

Вокруг популярного российского певца разгорелся скандал. ВидеоSergey Lazarev accused of plagiarism.

Russian musician Sergei Lazarev, who is known as a close friend and even lover Ani Lorak accused of plagiarism.

So, a musician and a well-known critic of all Yuri Loza and poet-songwriter Ilya Reznik defeated Lazarev’s new song “Whisper,” which, they believe, there are lines from a poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

Both the voice called plagiarism. “Widow Yevtushenko has the right to say that this is pure plagiarism, “Whisper” – a byword,” – says Vine, adding that “ugly and disgusting” to assign someone else poems.

Ilya Reznik has also confessed his love to a poem by Yevtushenko and noted that he often quoted this poem to my wife Irina, so happy after hearing the song on the radio that pop singers “began to turn to the classics”.

“Imagine my surprise when I learned that this song another author. How so? This is the key phrase on which the whole of the song: “You asked in a whisper: “And then what? And then what?” – angry Reznik. “The lawyer should protect the rights of heirs,” he said.

Note that the song “Whisper” Sergey Lazarev for the first time presented at the contest “New wave” this year.

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