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Arnold Schwarzenegger broke his leg after a bad pedicure

Арнольд Шварценеггер сломал ногу из-за неудачного педикюраHollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger broke his leg and complains about the bad pedicure

The former Governor of California and famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who starred in such films as “the Terminator”, “Commando”, “Predator”, “Red heat,” “total Recall,” “Kindergarten COP” and “end of the world” recently appeared on two us TV show Live with Kelly and shows Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

69-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger both came to the Studio with a plaster foot, which was closed, plastic medical Shoe. The presenters noted that the Shoe looks “very terminatoresque”. And on the question of what happened, Arnie answered:

“Just a little accident during a pedicure.”

Schwarzenegger joked, and never Outil exactly when and where he was injured. Said only that he overdid it with exercise and got a stress fracture (crack in the bone that occurs when excessive load).

According to the ex-Governor, the doctors told him to wear a medical boot for a few weeks, however, he does not want to follow the advice of doctors and intends shortly to remove the structure.

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