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Area ATO: what school has to learn children. Video

Зона АТО: в какой школе приходится учиться детям. ВидеоThanks to the Russian liberators of the children of Krasnogorovka learn in a dilapidated school.

Due to the shelling of the Russian invaders Krasnogorovka, which is on the very boundary line, children are forced to study in dilapidated school building.

“May 28 this year, the armed formation “DNR” fired at Krasnogorovka, which is controlled by the APU and stands on the very boundary line. Then shells fell in residential areas, and other facilities were heavily damaged school №2. The shells destroyed the roof and ceiling. The fire started, which part of the building burned.

Since the beginning of the school year had only three months of school to recover in time. And today kids, thanks to the “liberators”, studying in a dilapidated building. Let’s see how it looks. I hope the fighters against fascism happy”, – the journalist writes and publishes videos.

“How many fighters were screaming about how the “Ukrainian punishers shelled civilians Donbass”. But you have heard that someone in Donetsk or Moscow regretted Krasnogorovka pupils of school №2? Before the war, the children of Krasnogorovka had the opportunity to learn in the old, but still a whole and solid building. Today they are at the ruins. In classrooms where Windows film. Because some murderous fanatics decided to “liberate” from the Nazis invented. In fact suffered no “fascists”, “banderovtsy”, and the children, who are now studying in the wrecked building”, – notes Kazan.

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