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Are reignited Spyro Trilogy for Nintendo Switch. A great game for portable gaming

Switch Nintendo is a great console that allows you to play the best games on the big screen and handheld mode on the way to work. However, my experience show that playing “big” games on the road, in fact, is not the best option because it is difficult to achieve the effect of immersion: you’re either watching the situation around, or at the virtual narrative. However, there are games that are suitable for portable gaming much more – it’s a platformer. There is no need to delve into the plot and dialogue, and gameplay is mainly broken into small levels-session. One of the best representatives of this genre, of course, is a series of games about a purple dragon Spyro.

The original trilogy came out in 1998-2000 on the PS1 console, becoming a sort of hallmark of Sony as the same Mario for Nintendo. Got a huge popularity among the people, the game has lots of ports and sequels coming out until 2008. Then followed a decade of neglect, while the rights to the franchise not turned the company Activision, which recently released the Spyro Trilogy are reignited – reissue of the first three adventures. Rightly decided that the classic games and therefore has gained popularity that Spyro gameplay is perfected, the authors of the reprints (Toys For Bob) decided to upgrade only the graphics and voice acting, and made only cosmetic updates in the rest and have made the transition through the menu already open levels, added AutoSave and slightly updated interface. In the end, we received the new birth ever three games from my childhood with all the advantages and disadvantages, but with modern audiovisual. Trilogy was released on all current platforms, including a little late on Nintendo Switch.

The story of the first part of the trilogy is pretty simple and straightforward: the evil king of the orcs are offended by dragons and bewitched them, turning to stone. Only one purple dragon spared bad luck, and now all hope for salvation rests on it. After the liberation, every dragon says a small remark, giving a clue to the further passage. In the next two games we have had a lot more variety and gameplay diluted bright rollers. Spyro will meet many different beings, who not only will try to pull the skin our hero, but also offered to play any mini-game will open new locations or tell me something interesting about the world.

In terms of gameplay Spyro Trilogy are reignited not similar to the traditional representatives of the genre, honed on the passage: here, in the emphasis on collecting. The task of the asset not reaching the final level, and release the dragons, which often have to deviate much from the shortest trajectory path. After this, you can, of course, immediately run to the finish, but much more interesting to collect all the crystals scattered around the level that often is much harder (and longer). But there are still dragon eggs, various “achievements” and so on. This ecstasy you experience when you receive a record that the level is passed at 100%. The game will not meet challenging enemies (although diversity enough), but the emphasis is rather on the study of the environment, search secret passages, the solution of simple puzzles, and so on. There are some mini-games with their rules, for example, the game of hockey. If a level does not give in the first time, it is possible to first complete the rest, and then back to pending.

In achieving goals it helps Spyro the dragon Arsenal: some enemies are best to butt with a running start, while others should be burned with fire. Some ledges you can just hop, but in order to get to the other, will have to plan from a higher point. Dragon is able to roll along the ground, swim and feed the dragonfly companion. The latter is a reflection of the health of Spyro, and a snack, restores it. One of the main charms of the game is hidden in a variety of elaborate locations that are not like one another and don’t have time to get bored during the passage. In one Spyro will shoot guns in the other – to fly through fire rings in the third – to swim, battling with the mechanical shark, in the fourth – to play bullfighting with the bulls. There will be boss battles, but none of them should cause serious difficulties.

If we talk about graphics and music in the game is a feeling that watch another 3D movie from Pixar. The character animation here is alive, and the world is bright and pleasing to the eye. Its magical atmosphere imbued with not only children but also adults. This is the rare case when remastered went to play the benefit, if earlier it was difficult to understand what feelings the characters Express, because of the low polygons, but now it’s easy to read facial expressions of the characters. The developers have also added beautiful effects like swaying under the feet of grass or vegetation on the walls of castles. All changes are well blended into the world and look organic. It’s nice that the graphics on the Switch almost does not differ from that on other platforms, as was the case with another reissue of the classic series Crash Bandicoot. Unfortunately, the publisher has not added Russian language, which is a shame because the game has almost all European languages. Although, if you look on the other hand, the game can be seen as a kind of training in the English language, because all the texts are quite simple and few.

Of Spyro Trilogy are reignited turned out almost a perfect game for a portable gaming: great locations, graphics, music and characters can captivate anyone, and the gameplay can be interrupted at any time, without any damage. It is very simple, does not require to calculate the timings for defeating bosses and need to work hard to lose (the dragon is very quickly gaining extra lives), but at the same time, makes again and again in this fantastic world. This is the rare case when the remake didn’t kill the atmosphere of the original, but on the contrary, the game sparkle with new colors. Now in Nintendo eShop is a sale in which you can buy the Spyro Trilogy are reignited for 1250 rubles, which is 4 times cheaper than the price of the games on this platform, you get not one, but three exciting games. I think this is the perfect time to spread your wings and burn his enemies with a fiery breath, in the end, to play for real dragon we let not so often.

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