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Archaeologists have unearthed a trading centre of the Vikings

Археологи раскопали торговый центр викинговNorwegian archaeologists reveal secrets of the past, using the latest technology of laser scanning.

They are researching the ancient and before unknown Viking settlement in Tornheim. Scientists have previously found a Church where were buried the remains of St. Olaf Haraldsson, better known as Olaf II of Norway Baptist.

Experts say that found the altar stone containing the relics of one of the most venerated saints of Scandinavia, the patron Saint of Norway and a friend of great Prince Yaroslav the Wise. The burial place is located in the basement of the Church of St. Clement, the construction of which dates back to about 1015, the year, it was destroyed in the XIII century. His finding experts from the Norwegian Institute of cultural heritage announced on the Internet resource devoted to the reign of Olaf II.

As reported by Norwegian media, the scientists began the second stage of the research. In February with the help of technical means, they began to explore a wider area around the finds. Archaeologists believe they will find more ancient evidence of the past on the area buried in the ground of the Church. They hope to unearth unknown before the Viking settlement. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to the head of the research group Anna Petersen, with the help of modern laser scanning techniques for the excavation of identified point clusters of objects. They, apparently, belong to the Viking age. Experts believe that this place was once an international trading centre. Eventually he was buried under the alluvial Sands of the river Nidelva.

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