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Archaeologists have found very old dental fillings

Археологи нашли очень древние зубные пломбы Seals were made of bitumen.

The ancient people made the fillings of bitumen to New Scientist, Archaeologists discovered two seals for the upper front incisors, which is estimated at 13 thousand years.

As the researchers note, the seal belonged to one and the same person and was made of bitumen. In the pulp of the teeth was done by the deep hole.

Discovered the seals resemble those that were found in deposits of the age of about 14 thousand years and is considered the first evidence of the use of dental devices. However, the fillings differ from earlier findings content of bitumen and plant components. According to researchers, plants are got into the cavity in the tooth during drilling, and are not the remnants of food eaten. Bitumen was also used to reduce pain and protect the cavity from contamination of food. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to scientists, the bitumen and the plants could be used as an antiseptic.

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